The Ol’ Fishing Line Scam

March 14, 2016 BFH 19

A truck driver was caught flipping his license plates up while going through EZ Pass lanes in order to thwart cameras capturing toll jumpers. He used fishing line that fed [Read More]

Rice KrisPees

March 14, 2016 BFH 28

Have you had your breakfast yet? Have you heard about the animal that peed on the Kellogg’s assembly line? There’s video.

RICO Charges For Climate Change Deniers

March 14, 2016 BFH 9

WattsUpWithThat– “At what point would the White House decide that the threat of climate change and the subversion of “big oil” and their skeptical lackeys justify suspending the Constitution? “….Consider [Read More]

Reagan Conservatism

March 13, 2016 BFH 26

I read a comment before by a reader that said Trump is messing up their chance of “seeing a president (Ted Cruz) as close to Reagan as possible in my lifetime.” [Read More]

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