Carlson with Nye

February 28, 2017 BFH 46

Nye is a nutbag, and not a scientist, yet he refers to the field of science as “his community.”

Calling Out The Left-Wing Press Is Fascism in 2017

February 28, 2017 BFH 12

John McStain famously said that the first step towards fascism is when the leader censors the press, intimating that Trump has initiated the first steps towards becoming Mussolini. But Trump is not censoring anyone, he is commenting on the free press. Far different. Part of [Read More]


February 27, 2017 BFH 13 In a pueblo-style building in Southeast Albuquerque, a group of Lovelace Clinic aviation medicine experts put 31 astronaut candidates through a week of medical tests, chiefly involving being poked, prodded and given every test known to medical science. Thus the beginning of The Mercury [Read More]

RedState Unloads On Jim Hoft

February 27, 2017 BFH 31

Fake News King Gateway Pundit Proves He’s Not Just A Bad Reporter, He’s A Bad Person That’s quite a headline from a guy, Jim Jamitis, whose colleague (who he references in his piece), Susan Wright, is amongst the most vile cretins on the internet. If [Read More]

What an idea Dennis!!!

February 27, 2017 BFH 19

“If I were a talented hair stylist and I wanted to bring a lot of clicks to my salons website, I would use PhotoShop (or whatever it’s called now…sorry, I’m a Luddite) and post four or five different versions of what President Trump would look [Read More]

I defended Bush for 8 long years – not anymore

February 27, 2017 BFH 54

For 8 years Bush said, “as a former president I’m not going to comment on future administrations,” giving the socialist president, Obama, a free pass. Now, suddenly, he is chatty, and his cookie cutter answer has been abandoned. I guess Trump doesn’t fit the mold of [Read More]

Warren Beatty’s Steve Harvey Moment At Oscars

February 27, 2017 BFH 46

Update – The picture which won was a “black film.” Prepare yourself for cries of some sort of “ism” or “ist” that led to the Best Picture snafu. ~~~~~~~~~~ The best picture was awarded to some snoozefest called La La Land by presenter Warren Beatty. [Read More]

Man celebrates 70 years at the same hardware store

February 26, 2017 BFH 17

It’s a wonderful life. This man started working at a hardware store right after WWII and has never had to fill out another job application. He’s like family to the owners. Big box stores hover like a predator over Nicholson’s, but they’ve managed to carve [Read More]

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