Jethro Needs Help

January 18, 2017 BFH 18

Jethro says- I tried to make parody lyrics for the REM song “It’s the end of the world as we know it”, making fun of the left, useful idiots of the press, and the uniparty. I found it impossible to create meaningful lyrics based on [Read More]

Trump is a racist against blacks?

January 18, 2017 BFH 20

This image was seen in Tokyo. TOKYO. So the left has successfully branded Trump, internationally, as a KKK member. What is the evidence of Trump’s racism against blacks? ht/ illustr8r Request of the Left –Please be specific and point me to anything that Trump has [Read More]

Islamic Law Considers This Woman Nude

January 18, 2017 BFH 24

  A woman bodybuilder is locked up in Iran for posing selfies showing off biceps.  Iranian judiciary said she had been arrested for publishing ‘nude’ photographs.  The woman has not been named but could be Instagram queen Shirin Nobahari.  Her Instagram account shirin_muscleking has 208 [Read More]

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