Sergeant Stubby

June 27, 2017 BFH 21

BadAssoftheWeek- Sergeant Stubby was a stray, homeless mutt who saved more lives, saw more combat, and performed more badass feats of heroic awesomeness than most people could ever hope to accomplish even WITH the advantage of prehensile thumbs and the ability to utilize 100 percent [Read More]

Airplanes By Maytag

June 27, 2017 BFH 19

Plane shakes like a bad washing machine over the Indian Ocean. People were saying goodbye to loved ones.

Out:Covfefe In:Bona Dude

June 26, 2017 BFH 14

SCOTUS lifts injunction against travel ban, except with respect to individuals with bona dude relationship to the US — SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 26, 2017

Key Provision Just Added to HealthCare Bill

June 26, 2017 BFH 11

During my interview with C. Steven Tucker, on Saturday, Tucker said that what was ominously absent from the senate bill was language that would keep people from buying coverage after they became sick. Right on cue—> UPDATE on Senate health care Act. New provision added [Read More]

The (rear) VIEW

June 26, 2017 BFH 25

Stupid women whine as Jedediah Bila attempts to explain WHY President Trump enjoyed a 9-0 VICTORY at the SCOTUS today. – C. Steven Tucker

Bernie Sanders’ Third House

June 26, 2017 BFH 12

It’s on Lake Champlain. (I swear I thought they said Lake Complain.) Bernie, the socialist, won’t quit until he has as many houses as deodorant choices.  

Did Sam Elliott Just Call trump Voters Stupid?

June 26, 2017 BFH 32

Sam Elliott, who apparently has ticks and chiggers (what the hell is up with all the back and head scratching during this interview?), just insulted his audience, I think. (He sounds so bored and drunk half the time that I’m not sure he just isn’t talking [Read More]

Trump gives his adversaries a Full Moon!

June 26, 2017 BFH 5

This is why Twitter is simultaneously hilarious or infuriating. It depends on the mood you’re in. Take for instance this doucherocket, Buddy Marshall, who claims to be running for office in 2018. (The office is not specified, but I think it’s for Head Idiot in [Read More]

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