Pamela Geller: Thank You, Larry David

October 20, 2017 BFH 9

Breitbart: A fatwa on Larry David’s head serves as the theme of this season’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. This is the first time I have seen any mainstream entertainment property address, albeit comically, this scourge on free societies in such a forthright fashion.   The Hollywood Reporter says: After [Read More]

Apple removes popular pro-life prayer app after liberals complain

October 20, 2017 BFH 5

Lifesite- “One of the top five ‘Must-Have Pro-Life Apps’ …. “launched in 2014 for both Apple and Android phones, sends anonymous, real-time information about women who call crisis pregnancy centers considering abortion so that pro-lifers can pray for them…” After over three years of operation, pro-abortion groups [Read More]

Sloppy 12ths

October 19, 2017 BFH 31

I was pig-piled the other day by a few people because I disagreed with Dennis Prager that we should always save a human being, no matter who they are, sight unseen, over your beloved pet dog. When I see stories like this I am more [Read More]

Cream in the Oreo

October 19, 2017 BFH 39

Last night I received an email from PHenry. -I am watching Dodger Cubs pregame on TBS and the white panelist, sitting between several black panelists, just said that he was the creme filling in this Oreo cookie. Maybe I misheard it, as it’s sort of [Read More]

Sean Penn Worried His Head Will Be El Chapoed Off

October 19, 2017 BFH 30

TMZ- Sean Penn is using a full-court press to either block or re-edit a Netflix documentary that suggests Penn ratted out El Chapo by alerting the United States Dept. of Justice of his whereabouts. Multiple sources involved in the documentary — due out Friday — tell TMZ, some of the [Read More]

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