What Has Progressivism Wrought?

June 26, 2017 BFH 9

This is squarely on the heads of progs. When you subsidize something, you get more of it. The left subsidized and encouraged and empowered single black women to have babies out of wedlock. They also became the daddy, allowing men to leave their families with [Read More]

Woman Goes Berserk Over General Lee Car

June 25, 2017 BFH 33

“I want the car gone.” She has all the talking points down cold, including “white privilege!!!” She demanded the car be gone within an hour or she would instigate a furious letter writing campaign in concert with all her SJW comrades on social media. I [Read More]

Karl Denninger Proposes a One Sentence Health Care Bill

June 25, 2017 BFH 22

Billy Fuster sent this over. It’s pretty thought provoking: “Notwithstanding any other provision in state or federal law, a person who presents themselves while uninsured to any provider of a medical good or service shall not be charged a price greater than that which Medicare pays for [Read More]

Hat Chat with /NotMyRealName

June 24, 2017 BFH 45

I had a quick chat with a reader and discussed… Wonder Woman. It’s an interesting chat in that you get to hear the voice of a regular commenter (she has a very young voice) and she has come up with a great idea for future Hat [Read More]

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