Butting In

October 21, 2017 BFH 19

An Italian researcher has blown the lid off of a security breach that will literally make you clench your butt cheeks. Well, not you. Well, maybe you. Please don’t tell us. There is a device that can be inserted into your… bat cave… and then [Read More]

#Me Too = Plenty of Bull$hite

October 21, 2017 BFH 17

Do you believe every jackass that tells a story of rape and tags it with #Me Too? You do? Okay #ME TOO! Don’t ask. Let’s just say I was a judge at a European Bikini Contest and several of them didn’t understand that “no means [Read More]

NFL teams are playing games in half full stadiums

October 20, 2017 BFH 45

I even spun it positively for them- half full. Face it, these stadiums are half empty. The fans can’t all be in the bathroom while these pictures were taken. Here are more pics from around the NFL (Not For Long). HT/ JBinNM  

40 Years Ago Today

October 20, 2017 BFH 17

Ultimate Classic Rock- Lynyrd Skynyrd had established themselves as one of the most successful rock bands of the ’70s by the time they released Street Survivors in October 1977. The group’s career would come to a tragic halt just three days later, on Oct. 20, 1977, when their [Read More]

John McTaint Penning His MemWahhhhhs

October 20, 2017 BFH 43

Wtop- “The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations” is scheduled to come out in April, Simon & Schuster told The Associated Press on Friday. The publisher quietly signed up the book in February, without any formal announcement. In July, McCain [Read More]

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