Meryl Streep Challenged To Put Up Or STFU

December 6, 2017 BFH 19

PJW does  magnificent job of putting all the hypocritical pieces of Meryl Streep together, but in the end it is an truly an indictment of all of Hollywood. Hollywood’s pal, known rapist Roman Polanski, is still supported. Until he is throughly denounced we get to [Read More]

Tweet of the Day

December 6, 2017 BFH 21

I was all ready to celebrate the big news but Linda Sarsour’s bakery is refusing to top my cake with the words, “Jerusalem is, was, and always will be the capital of Israel.” I need the Government to make her do what I ask. [Read More]

Merry resistmas

December 6, 2017 BFH 26

Yes, resistmas. It’s a thing on the left. (They even have to bastardize the day we celebrate the birth of Christ. Is nothing sacred?) What is resistmas? It’s you’re way of tying in Trump hatred with Christmas, of course. And what better why to do [Read More]

NARCAN – Reader Rant

December 6, 2017 BFH 29

I’m going to protect the reader’s anonymity because there is employment involved with this rant/ Good morning Fur, My wife just sent me a text and I have to tell someone. Let’s start off by saying, as cruel as it may sound, when “they” decided [Read More]

Meet John Conyers’ “Successor”

December 6, 2017 BFH 28

DC: John Conyers III., the son and appointed successor of John Conyers’ Jr., the disgraced Democratic politician who announced his resignation on Tuesday, is a former attempted rapper who bragged that his friends are drug dealers and his dad “is a f***ing player.”   The son’s brief [Read More]

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