27 Rock Performers That Died at the Age of 27

June 29, 2015 BFH 14

Okay, the soup gets thin towards the end of the list. But the 27 CLUB seems to be pretty substantial. JIMI HENDRIX – alcohol and sleeping pills KURT COBAIN – self-inflicted shotgun blast JIM MORRISON – heart failure in tub JANIS JOPLIN – heroin overdose AMY WINEHOUSE [Read More]

Case Seems Abby Normal

June 28, 2015 BFH 17

The highest court in NYS rules that a pathologist doesn’t have to tell you what they do to bodies during autopsy. JUSTIA- The tragic and unfortunate events from which this litigation originated occurred on January 9, 2005, when the decedent Jesse Shipley, a 17-year-old high [Read More]

Not funny in the least

June 28, 2015 BFH 17

Who enjoys this? I don’t care if you hate Paris Hilton for whatever reason, what this show did to her is ridiculous. (Many of the usual youtube morons are reflexively saying “fake.” Apparently they’ve never seen Paris Hilton try to act.) The pranksters talked Hilton into going [Read More]

Sunday Rant

June 28, 2015 BFH 76

This has the potential for being a rant many do not agree with. Today I had to get somewhere quick. I was running a little late because I had to put oil in the car. The lights in Florida are the worst in the world. [Read More]

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