“Thanks Matt!”

October 5, 2015 BFH 13

Watch Jeb get waylaid by Matt Lauer. He walks into the verbal equivalent of “your zippers undone … whoooooooooooop!” He accepts a compliment before Lauer is done talking and Lauer’s point is anything but a compliment. SEE HERE HT/ Mr. Pinko

Your Drunk Neighbor

October 5, 2015 BFH 13

Even though this clip is making fun of Donald Trump, I like it. Why don’t I take offense? Because I like what my drunk neighbor is saying. After 7 years with Obama I will gladly vote for my drunk neighbor if he vows to undo [Read More]

Gene Kelly Dancing on Roller Skates

October 5, 2015 BFH 16

This is good stuff. And we need a political palette cleanser, more and more these days. BUT, I am going to point out something “political” in this clip. There is a 3 second part where the orchestra breaks into an Asian phrase, and Kelly does [Read More]

Nostalgia – Coney Island Amusement Park

October 4, 2015 BFH 19

I’m absolutely floored by the lack of safety on the rides. Some of these are terrifying to watch because people, including children, are being hurdled through space with no harness. It’s hilarious to look at now. Also, check out this freaky looking ride. The Steeplechase. [Read More]

Why “Brown” America?

October 4, 2015 BFH 13

Questions for white progressives: Why should we “brown” America? Is there a specific reason to “brown” America? Is it better? Why can’t it stay predominantly white? Here’s a strange post by Bloomberg where they lay the blame (too harsh a word?) on the Kennedys and Lyndon [Read More]

Did CNN Actually alter the Oregon Shooter’s Image?

October 4, 2015 BFH 32

 The Conservative Treehouse is reporting that CNN altered the profile picture of the half-black shooter to make him look more caucasian, Many outlets have picked up the story, but I can’t find the original CNN story where they published this picture. Does anyone have the link?

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