Palin Rips Erickson His 7th A-hole

August 15, 2015 BFH 23

Erick Erickson, Today a friend forwarded your apology for mocking my family – again – and in answer to your point, yes, I do remember people taking repeated potshots at my family, friends, and supporters (many of whom politely pointed out to you and your [Read More]

The Donald To Serve On Jury Duty

August 15, 2015 BFH 5

(UPI) — Donald Trump will take time out of his busy campaign schedule Monday to report for jury duty in Manhattan, his camp said. Trump has been summoned to State Supreme Court and will appear after the weekend, Trump campaign Michael Cohen said Friday. “Despite the time that Mr. Trump is required to fulfill this [Read More]

Obama’s tastes run “deeper and wider”

August 15, 2015 BFH 38

I think we can do better than this list. What’s your top ten music list? And do you have a”day” list versus a “night” list? Newser- The White House joined Spotify, and it says Obama came up with two separate summer playlists, one for the [Read More]

Everything Bernie Sanders Says is Wrong

August 15, 2015 BFH 6

Wealth inequality, shrinking middle-class, child-poverty? All of these crises, that the left speaks so urgently about, are nothing but data manipulation, manufactured specifically to fire-up the leftist voter base. Read

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