Old Apocryphal Viral Email Very Apropos For 2015

January 1, 2015 BFH 0

Funny Police harassment story Got this from my wife who is a previous Security Forces officer, dont know if it has been posted before but its a good laugh. September 20, 2012. –Recently, the Chula Vista, California Police Department ran an e-mail forum (a question and answer [Read More]

Overly Cloying and Excitable NORK Newswoman

January 1, 2015 BFH 0

People are getting a kick out of how orgasmic and excitable this Nork Newswoman is as she narrates Kim Jong Un “flying” a plane. People are saying they wish they knew what she was saying. We have a partial translation- HEAR IT HERE.

Snoping Snopes

January 1, 2015 BFH 14

  by Ensign Pulver I’d always suspected that Snopes was Leftist but I confirmed it for myself in person. Remember when Prez Ebola stole the first election in 2008? There was a brave forthright State Farm agent by the name of Bud Gregg who posted an [Read More]

Mario Cuomo Dead

January 1, 2015 BFH 33

That’s all I’m going to say. I lived in NY under this loon’s reign. HT/ JC Lady

I Have a Request

January 1, 2015 BFH 0

Can we please take the gloves off? And by we, I mean right-wing online media. Nothing pains me more than to see a site like Powerlineblog, which I think is wonderful, do a really great job of fisking an idiotic progressive article, only to let the author [Read More]

Snopes Debunks Article On Illegal Aliens – Sorta

January 1, 2015 BFH 0

This list of stats about California’s illegal alien problem has been going around for awhile. I wanted to see what Snopes thought of it. Their tone was condescending and dismissive (obviously, they are leftists) but their refutations were weak. A summation of Snopes’ evaluation is [Read More]

Krugman Kicks Off 2015 With a Doozy

January 1, 2015 BFH 0

It’s going to be another hilarious year in the world of progtardism. In an interview with perennial dipwad, Ezra Klein, Krugman said the following: …as a Times columnist, I can’t do endorsements, so you have no idea which party I favor in general elections… Image [Read More]

This is the kind of stuff tax payers pay for

January 1, 2015 BFH 0

University Scientific Study – Do Birds Slur Their Singing When They Get Drunk? Newser- Not many people count getting zebra finches drunk as their job. But researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University did just that to study how alcohol affects the birds’ ability [Read More]

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