November 1, 2014 Cardigan 0

Big Government: In an article written for Time magazine, Texas Senator Ted Cruz blasted the Obama administration for its vitriolic hostility for the state of Israel, calling on Democrats to demand that the administration member who called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “chickensh*t” and “a coward” [Read More]

New CDC confusion over Ebola

November 1, 2014 Cardigan 0

DailyMail UK- New CDC confusion over Ebola as it deletes warning that virus can spread through coughs and sneezes from its website It has replaced the old language with new guidance that says there’s ‘no evidence’ Ebola is spread through either The CDC also took [Read More]

Another Beheading in Oklahoma

November 1, 2014 Cardigan 8

TPNN— Jacob Crockett was 19-years old, but will never see another birthday. He was gruesomely beheaded by a 21-year old acquaintance, Isaiah Marin in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Police are currently saying there is no connection of this beheading to terrorism or any specific religious group, but [Read More]

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