$12 Trillion Hole

October 13, 2015 Dr. Tar 8

Stephen Moore asks “what do we have to show for ourselves after 7 years of Obamanomics?” Obama has nothing but one disappoint after another for a legacy. libertyjuice.com More    

Wanna Budler?

October 13, 2015 Dr. Tar 20

The worlds two largest brewers, AB InBev (Budweiser brand) and SABMiller (Miller High Life and Lite Beer brands) are going to merge for a combined global market share of 31%. The next nearest competitor, Heineken, would have 9% of the world market share. SABMiller had [Read More]

“Ghost Bird” Get’s Ghosted

October 12, 2015 Dr. Tar 13

The director of Pacific Programs at the American Museum of Natural History, Chris Filardi was visiting the Solomon Islands last month and happened to spy the rarely seen moustached kingfisher. He was so impressed with the animal that he “collected” it for more study.

Leftist Self-Defense

October 12, 2015 Dr. Tar 24

Students of the University of Austin – Texas are planning an open carry day of sex toys to be held on the first day of school next year, August 24, 2016. They want to protest that Texas law allows concealed fire arms on campus but [Read More]

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

October 12, 2015 Dr. Tar 43

Berkley started it in 1992 (on the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ first voyage) and this year up to 10 cities and one state (South Dakota) have replaced Columbus day with Indigenous Peoples Day.    More      

International Man of Infamy

October 12, 2015 Dr. Tar 20

Just who was Tyler Drumheller? Alfred Hitchcock’s love child? A man who went around demanding smaller people “get in my belly” and meant it? A former CIA officer who had a lucrative career working for both CBS and Hillary’s front companies at the same time? [Read More]

It’s the Final Meltdown

October 11, 2015 Dr. Tar 18

Hillary campaign staffers are reported to be desperately trying to redirect her anger away from them and at Republicans before their candidate losses it in front of the cameras.       Her 10 point drop among Democrats this last week would lead one to conclude [Read More]

City of Brotherly Thugs

October 10, 2015 Dr. Tar 5

Surveillance video got a real good look at a couple who assaulted a man outside a North Philadelphia bar last week. Police are asking for assistance in identifying the two assailants.  Watch Credit:  I got the title from Howler the comments on Yahoo

EPA Power Grab Over Water Put On Hold

October 10, 2015 Dr. Tar 3

Yesterday the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals extended the injunction against the EPA’s Clean Water Act to all 50 states. This is only a temporary hold until another court determines if the process used by the EPA to derive its new rules were properly followed and [Read More]

Terrorist or Treat!

October 10, 2015 Dr. Tar 10

A New Jersey man has gone all out this year with the Halloween decorating and went with an Islamic State theme. It came complete with prisoner in a metal cage waiting to be burned and an executioner with a bloody knife and severed head at [Read More]

Turks Shoot Down Russian Fighter

October 10, 2015 Dr. Tar 24

Early reports are claiming Turkish F-16s have downed a Russian military aircraft after it ventured into Turkish airspace. The destruction of the Russian plane has not been confirmed. This would not be the first time that Russian military aircraft have violated Turkish airspace this week. The situation [Read More]

An Articulate Response

October 9, 2015 Dr. Tar 15

Some idiot sent a message to Chad Prather declaring “we’re offended by your Southern accent. It proves to us you’re not intelligent.” Chad’s Reply

Gay Switch in Genetic Code

October 9, 2015 Dr. Tar 31

A team of British scientists studying twins claims to have found a genetic marker for gayness that allows them to predict the predisposition with 70% accuracy.   Turns out it’s not a single “gay gene” but instead nine different regions in the DNA that can be [Read More]

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