Spark of Life

April 26, 2016 Dr. Tar 21

Scientist have known for some time that there is a flash of light when a mouse sperm fertilizes an egg. Now they have recorded the phenomena at human conception.

Is it Racist?

April 26, 2016 Dr. Tar 17

A principal enters a class room Friday morning and notices a young black man sitting near the back. He says “Hey, can someone tell this kid it’s not the 1960s. [Read More]

Message In a Bottle

April 25, 2016 Dr. Tar 17

Marianne Winkler was walking a beach in her German homeland when she came across a bottle with a clear instruction to “Break the Bottle.”    Her husband Horst tried to [Read More]

Bard or Bible?

April 24, 2016 Dr. Tar 22

The Brits have been celebrating the 400 year anniversary of the passing  of William Shakespeare this week with a number of events marking the occasion. This being Sunday, perhaps a quiz [Read More]

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