Global Warming ruining Fall in NY

October 11, 2015 MJA 10

“The intensity of the color and the length of time the leaves stay on the trees depend on the weather,” she says. And she admits the leaves won’t be quite as eye-popping this year. “If you were able to collect the leaves and compare them [Read More]

Thin skin and bone thin, too

October 11, 2015 MJA 68

DC Whispers:  He continues to battle a nicotine addiction and has spent a small fortune keeping his records private – including his medical history. Though viewed as the picture of health in 2008, Barack Obama appeared more gaunt the following year and since then weight [Read More]

Suicide bombings kill 95 people at Ankara peace rally

October 11, 2015 MJA 14

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Nearly simultaneous explosions targeted a Turkish peace rally Saturday in Ankara, killing at least 95 people and wounding hundreds in Turkey’s deadliest attack in years — one that threatens to inflame the nation’s ethnic tensions. There was no immediate claim of [Read More]

China’s 50-Lane Traffic Jam

October 10, 2015 MJA 12

Every Commuter’s Worst Nightmare. What happens when a checkpoint merges 50 lanes down to 20. Traffic after the holidays tend to be pretty awful. But China may have just turned every driver’s worst nightmare into reality as hundreds of millions of people headed home [Read More]

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