Crazy Auntie Maxine: Congress ‘can define what is impeachment’

December 7, 2017 MJA 17

American Mirror: “The Amazing Maxine Waters” on Wednesday gave an interview update on her relentless effort to impeach President Trump at the International LGBTQ Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. The 79-year-old career politician from California told “Manmade Multimedia” impeachment is “a big idea” that not [Read More]

DOJ Demotes Official Over Trump Dossier Contacts

December 7, 2017 MJA 13

DC: The Department of Justice has demoted a top official over his contacts with the former British spy who authored the Trump dossier as well as with Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that commissioned the salacious document. Fox News reports that Bruce G. Ohr was [Read More]

Alabama Dem ad goes really wrong

December 7, 2017 MJA 26

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Democrats and Their Alabama Train Wreck This is *NOT* how you do  outreach to Black voters.   Black voters across Alabama are calling out a campaign flyer with extremely racist underpinnings from Senate Campaign of Democrat Attorney Doug Jones, taking to the [Read More]

Putin announces he’s running again

December 7, 2017 MJA 12

Gee. I wonder who will win? MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday he would seek re-election next year in a race he is poised to win easily, putting him on track to become the nation’s longest-serving ruler since Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. [Read More]

Hensarling: Fannie and Freddie Must Be Wound Down

December 7, 2017 MJA 8

  Breitbart: Texas Republican Congressman Jeb Hensarling said Wednesday that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac need to be wound down as part of any sustainable housing finance reform. Speaking at a conference on the future of the U.S. housing market, Hensarling said he would work [Read More]

Pfizer to begin selling generic version of Viagra

December 7, 2017 MJA 36

Dec. 6 ( UPI) — Pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced Wednesday it will begin selling a generic version of its erectile dysfunction drug Viagra. Beginning Monday, Pfizer will sell a generic version of sildenafil, the compound known by the brand name Viagra, in the United States for [Read More]

Ann Coulter: Jerry Seinfeld Endorses Roy Moore?

December 7, 2017 MJA 14

Breitbart:  Apparently, the GOP is now the party of CHILD MOLESTATION! At least the media tell me that’s the meaning of President Trump’s endorsement of Senate candidate Roy Moore. Are we allowed to mention that Moore denies the charges? It’s hard to disprove accusations from 40 [Read More]

Tidalgate! Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise

December 7, 2017 MJA 12

Breitbart : Alarmist scientists have been caught red-handed tampering with raw data in order to exaggerate sea level rise. The raw (unadjusted) data from three Indian Ocean gauges – Aden, Karachi and Mumbai – showed that local sea level trends in the last 140 years had been very gently [Read More]

SCOTUS To Lower Courts On The Travel Ban: Knock It Off

December 7, 2017 MJA 5

DC: The U.S. Supreme Court appears somewhat irritated with federal courts that have repeatedly barred the Trump administration from enforcing immigration policies halting the entry of certain classes of migrants and refugees. The high court’s latest orders sent three clear signals to lower courts, all of which are [Read More]

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