Obama at Hiroshima

May 27, 2016 MJA 15

HIROSHIMA, Japan (AP) — Barack Obama on Friday paid tribute to the 140,000 people killed by the world’s first atomic bomb attack and sought to bring global attention to his unfulfilled vision of a world without nuclear weapons, as he became the first sitting U.S. [Read More]

Obama snaps at reporter asking about Clinton’s emails

May 27, 2016 MJA 0

WT: President Obama brusquely cut off a reporter’s question Thursday about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system at the State Department. At a press conference in Japan, the president said he would take one more question from reporters. But when the question turned [Read More]

Stop Dumbing Down Books for Teens

May 27, 2016 MJA 5

Acculturated: During my senior year AP English class in high school, we read Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. It was brutal. I thought I was a pretty good reader because I had worked my way through most of Jane Austen, the Brontë sisters, and Leo [Read More]

One night in Fangkok

May 26, 2016 MJA 6

Man attacked by a python while he sat on the toilet Speisa: Attaporn Boonmakchuay (38) sat on the toilet in his home in the Chachoengsao province outside Bangkok when he felt severe pain. It proved to be the teeth of a python, more than three [Read More]

California’s Cap And Trade Auction Fails Miserably

May 26, 2016 MJA 8

Pirate’sCove: Members of the Cult of Climastrology keep telling us that one of the great methods to stop the Earth from burning to a cinder from a marginal greenhouse gas increasing marginally is a cap and trade scheme. How’s that working out in California? Well, [Read More]

Belgian PM: We are not at war with Islam

May 26, 2016 MJA 19

PUNCHABLE FACE ALERT!  Pamela Geller: “This is not a war between the West and Islam….But I am confident that we will win.” How can he be confident that they will win when he refuses to identify the ideological roots of the problem? AhlulBayt News Agency [Read More]

You’ve Got TPP On Your Shoe

May 26, 2016 MJA 3

Hope n Change: While visiting Vietnam, Barack Obama took a short break from tourist activities, like posing for photos in front of the Hanoi Hilton and grinning while seated at an anti-aircraft gun, to give an impassioned speech promoting his Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade [Read More]

States Strike Back Against Tranny Agenda

May 26, 2016 MJA 11

AmericanClarion: AOL News reports 11 states have decided not to roll over for President Barack Obama’s illegal attempt to force the transgender states on America’s education system. Officials from 11 U.S. states sued the Obama administration on Wednesday, seeking to overturn a directive from the [Read More]

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