November 3, 2015 MJA 13

BigGovernment: A new poll of New Hampshire Republicans by Monmouth University confirms the fading fortunes of the Jeb Bush campaign. Despite spending more on TV than all other candidates combined, Jeb has dropped to sixth place in nation’s first primary state, a must-win for his [Read More]

Take a hike, Ben!

November 3, 2015 MJA 5

BigGovernment: Several 2016 GOP presidential campaigns are now revolting, not just against the Republican National Committee (RNC) controlling the debate process, but against controversial GOP establishment lawyer Ben Ginsberg’s efforts to insert himself into the process. Aides to four top campaigns—those of billionaire Donald Trump, [Read More]

Formerly known as ‘The Crap and Strap’

November 3, 2015 MJA 21

The Loop N’ Poop™ (formerly the Strap and Crap) is a patent-pending device that helps lessen the chance of messin’ your pants when participating in outdoor activities. Snip: I’m guessing it’s satire. I hope. Watch the video HERE

“Let Us Stand In Defence Of Christianity”

November 3, 2015 MJA 5

Polish football (soccer) fans unveiled an enormous anti mass migration banner at Sunday’s Silesian Wrocław match against Poznań. Images from the match last night show a giant crusader defending Europe from invading jihadists in boats labelled USS Hussein, USS Bin Laden and USS ISIS. [Breitbart London]

A Reminder to Europe and America

November 3, 2015 MJA 3

Diversity is one of those neat ideas on paper that has zero historical evidence for its function, let alone success. Instead, we see it appearing time and again as one of the symptoms of a dying regime. Unable to keep its people motivated, it outsources [Read More]

Denmark: Sex Ed for refugee rapists

November 2, 2015 MJA 1

The New York Post reports that the initiative gained steam last weekend, after three Eritrean men were arrested for allegedly raping a 25-year-old Eritrean woman in Hjørring, Metroexpress reported.more

Larry Just Quit The Race

November 2, 2015 MJA 13

WASHINGTON (AP) — Harvard law professor Larry Lessig is ending his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. Lessig blamed the demise of his nearly three-month campaign on the Democratic Party, which he says leaves him “just shut out” of the primary debates. He struggled to [Read More]

Ted Cruz Breaks With Koch Brothers on Crime Bill

November 2, 2015 MJA 27

CFP: Before Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) electrified conservatives with his denunciation of liberal media bias at the GOP presidential debate last week, he took a little-noticed position on a major crime bill before the Senate that set him apart from the politically powerful Koch brothers.

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