WaPo poll shows Native Americans unbothered by Redskins name

May 19, 2016 MJA 5

ABCNews: A new Washington Post poll found that 90 percent of Native Americans aren’t offended by the Washington Redskins‘ nickname and an overwhelming majority consider it an unimportant issue. The Post polled 504 people who identify primarily as Native American from across the country, including [Read More]

School’s Out For Streaking Teacher

May 19, 2016 MJA 6

EAG News: WORCESTER, Mass. – A gym teacher at Rice Square Elementary School was hauled by police to the hospital after students allege he stripped off all his clothes and ran around the school Tuesday. “Knowing that a naked guy coming at me is threatening [Read More]

Time to shut down the Department of Education

May 19, 2016 MJA 9

FamilySecurityMatters:  [Star Parker] The Department of Education was created under President Carter in 1979 under the same misguided pretense that has driven much of the growth of our massively bloated federal government – that if there is something we really care about, we should give more [Read More]

Bloodsuckers want $1.1 billion in Zika funding

May 19, 2016 MJA 10

FOX: The Senate voted decisively on Tuesday in favor of a bipartisan $1.1 billion measure to combat the Zika virus this year and next, cutting back President Barack Obama’s request but offering significantly more money to fight Zika than would House GOP conservatives. The 68-29 [Read More]

Democrat infighting escalates!

May 19, 2016 MJA 5

Democrat Barbara Boxer, the other U.S. senator from California, was at the Nevada convention and expressed her concern to Sanders in a phone call on Tuesday night. “I feared for my safety and had a lot of security around me,” she said. “I’ve never had [Read More]

Another ‘Racial Attack’ Ruled a Hoax

May 19, 2016 MJA 6

American Thinker:  The laid back and trendy college town of Iowa City was plunged into turmoil a little over two weeks ago, after a black University of Iowa freshman claimed that three white men had viciously attacked him in the downtown and called him a racial [Read More]

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