‘Suicidal Deer’ sign controversy

March 17, 2016 MJA 12

ST. ANSGAR, Iowa, March 15 (UPI) — Officials in an Iowa county said a controversial sign warning of “Suicidal Deer” is meant to keep motorists alert when driving in animal-heavy areas. Some Mitchell County residents said they feel the sign, which was installed recently along [Read More]

Prison phone scam

March 16, 2016 MJA 9

 FOX5: CAMILLA, Ga. – One of the most successful phone scams these days operated out of a small, south Georgia town where the crooks get their food and shelter for free and have nothing but time on their hands.

CBO: Charge drivers by the mile

March 16, 2016 MJA 26

AmericanThinker: […] On the surface – and for all you shallow thinkers out there who are besotted with the idea of “fairness” – the proposal makes sense.  Those who use the highways more should pay more, right?

“ALLAH told him to”

March 16, 2016 MJA 11

Canadian Muslim Stabs Two at Military Centre, “ALLAH told him to”: Police Chief Frets About ISLAMOFAUXBIA. Pamela Geller: “I want to be very, very careful, when it comes to the national security piece, that we don’t through that Islamophobia nonsense,” Police Chief Mark Saunders said. [Read More]

Hillary doesn’t understand Obamacare

March 16, 2016 MJA 9

AmericanThinker: Even “the smartest woman in the world” doesn’t understand the (Un-)Affordable Care Act. During Sunday’s Democrat town hall, CNN somehow allowed an audience member to bring up her skyrocketing health insurance costs under Obamacare.  Hillary Clinton urged the woman to “keep shopping” on the [Read More]

Why socialists need capitalism

March 16, 2016 MJA 11

AmericanThinker: Have you heard of the shocking and terrifying diaper gap that is now dividing this nation? It is said to be so dire that the White House is urging immediate government assistance to buy baby diapers. Philosophically, this puts disposable plastic consumer products in [Read More]

Judicial Watch Names Clinton Aides To Be Deposed

March 16, 2016 MJA 5

DougRoss: Eight present and past Department of State officials linked to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private email scandal will be deposed by Judicial Watch in the non-profit government watchdog’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit if the federal judge hearing the case agrees.

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