What happens when a woman leaves the Left?

September 29, 2015 MJA 12

FrontPage: David Horowitz, David Mamet, and Jon Voight are among the famous one-time leftists who underwent a conversion to political conservatism. In that sense, I am like them – I am also a former leftist. In another sense, I am different. I’m a woman. When [Read More]

Conservative Rebellion Threatens McConnell Ally Marco Rubio

September 29, 2015 MJA 6

DougRoss- […] Now that the Republican base has its sights set on Mitch McConnell, it could pose a serious problem for the campaign of Sen. Marco Rubio, whose two notable accomplishments are closely tied to Mitch McConnell’s agenda—namely co-authoring the Gang of Eight amnesty bill [Read More]

Jesse Ventura wants to be Bernie Sanders’ running mate

September 29, 2015 MJA 21

FAM: Minnesota is famous for three things. Being the only state to vote for Walter Mondale in the 1984 presidential election. Electing a radical Muslim Keith Ellison to the House of Representatives. And finally electing a nut like Jesse Ventura as governor.

Automatic Motor-Voter Law Places Heavy Pressure on DMV

September 29, 2015 MJA 6

CPR: The recent news out of Pennsylvania that 289 Adarians are registered to vote has the state’s elections officials red-faced. Unless you’re a sci-fi fan, you can be forgiven for not knowing that Adarians are main characters in a series of books related to the “Star Wars” [Read More]

Hillary Clinton’s problem is that the camera doesn’t lie

September 29, 2015 MJA 20

CityJournal: Hillary Clinton knows she’ll never be elected president if she can’t figure out a way to win your affection. The problem is, even with a quarter-century of “public service” under her belt, Hillary can’t seem to connect with the average American.


September 29, 2015 MJA 10

It’s time to clear up all these misunderstandings. FrontPage: After Muslim terrorist attacks, we’re told that the killers just “misunderstood” their religion. They misunderstood the peaceful nature of Koranic verses such as “Kill them wherever you find them”, “They should be murdered or crucified or [Read More]

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