Avocado Crime Spree

Patriot Retort:

Avocados are in the news again.

Can somebody explain to me why avocados seem to bring out the very worst in people?

They seem like such a harmless fruit.

Plus they’re super delicious.

But there seems to be a bit of a trend emerging lately. And it really has me scratching my head.

Here’s the thing. I really love avocados. And if loving them leads to a life of crime, I’ll have to give them up.

And I really don’t want to do that.

The other day, I mentioned a story in the New York Post about a couple of thugs who pelted a bodega worker with avocados – even breaking the guy’s jaw.

And this morning… MORE

20 Comments on Avocado Crime Spree

  1. I Can ” Officially ” Tell you Avocados make Great Weapons , and they are Expensive ! so one can Use Them as Weapons While Stealing Them.

  2. We just planted 6 Avocado trees on the back 50. Actually we live on an acre so it would be the back .50. Close enough. We go thru CODS like no other. Guac and Margaritas, it’s what for dinner.

  3. Bad Brad: Give those Avo’s a TON of Water, Will start with Yellow Tips and then nothing but Weakness – Bugs & Fungal Diseases if they Don’t get Deep Regular Water.

  4. Plantsman

    Honestly dude thanks. We are researching growing Cods and the info is sketchy. Any other advise please pass it on.

  5. Bad Brad: Avo’s are like little Kiddo’s, They Need ALOT when Young- But it’s not Hard ! Ton’s of Water and Fertilizer Regularly, every Month Fertilize -During All But Winter. Some Shade is Fine, Especially Inland…but never Full Shade. Go to Hydroscape irrigation to get Fert, if you have one. I Can’t put my Disc.Code here, if you can contact me I’ll give it to You.
    Nurseries will Tell you not to treat as above, Growers will Swear by It !

  6. I’m no help on avo’s but here is the easiest, best recipe for margaritas I know. 1 can of Minute Maid frozen lime juice (minute maid seems to be the best), fill the empty can with tequila 3/4 full, 1 can of beer. Enough ice to fill pitcher, blend. It’s always good.

  7. joe6pak

    My fav Margarita recipe. Blend two cups of ice in your blender. Pour in 2 cups of your favorite Margarita mix. Blend until it looks like a slushy. Remove lid and throw it in the sink. Remove cap from the Tequila bottle and take swigs generously.

  8. joe6pak

    Next trip down to Sac you guys need to stay with us. Wait until you meet our Mex neighbors. You’ll laugh so hard you’ll have abs of steal.

  9. @Bad_Brad – they need lots of drainage. That is why you see avocado groves planted on hillsides in So Cal.

    From an avocado site:
    Good drainage is key to good growth. Avocado trees have a relatively shallow root system. If fully saturated for more than two days, the roots will rot and the plant will die. Loose and sandy, but fertile soil that provides excellent drainage is important.Sep 30, 2015


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