Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Monterrey Mexico covered in snow.

The Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey awoke last Friday with several snow-covered municipalities, including García, Monterrey, San Pedro Garza García and Guadalupe.

Almost a foot of snow in parts of Mexico

“This article says it hasn’t snowed some of these places for 30 years and I’d think this amount would be uncommon,” says reader Ryan. “There were more than several states of Mexico affected, I think, it got to at least -3 C.”

Record cold in Australia.

Breaking records set more than 100 years ago.

Queensland residents are reaching for cardigans as overnight December temperatures break record lows.

Mount Isa had its lowest overnight December temperate ever on record at 12 degrees Celsius — 11C degrees below average.

Wintry weather from Minnesota to Connecticut.

14 Dec 17 – Snowy and wintry weather stretched from Minnesota to Connecticut Thursday morning, with up to 12 inches (30 cm) of snow in parts of Pennsylvania according to the National Weather Service.

Afghanistan – Incessant snowfall shuts highway.

14 Dec 2017 –  The busy Salang Highway, linking Kabul with northern provinces, was blocked for heavy traffic as a result of incessant snowfall on Thursday morning, an official said.

The highway — passing through treacherous mountains in Parwan and Baghlan provinces — connects nine provinces with the central capital.

Lt. Gen. Mohammad Rajab, highway maintenance commander, said the road was closed after a snowfall of 45 cm (18 inches)  in southern and 25 cm (10 inches) in northern parts of Salang.

How’s it going in your neck of the woods?

14 Comments on Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. Spent Wednesday night and Thursday morning dancing with my snowblower. This am it’s 19 degrees not including windchill. Calling for strong wind today so with the light, dry snow we got, I’ll probably have a do over with mostly the same snow I already fought with.

  2. I just snapped a few pics of our current snowfall – Charlie Brown flakes floating down almost obscuring the trees in the back yard. Beautiful. I missed these Michigan snowfalls while living in Minnesota. Yea!

    PS, love me some Dean Martin!

  3. I drove through 6F in the valleys this morning. Single digits in the low spots, 10-13F at higher elevation in western PA.

    The Lake Erie temperature is high for this time of the year. We’ve been blessed so far with little lake effect snows. I expect to see Buffalo, or somewhere on the south shore, get buried soon.

  4. Unseasonably warm and dry here along the front range of the rocky mountains. Those who’ve been here longer than I (13 years) say it’s not that uncommon.


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