Bannon Out At Breitbart

Just breaking this afternoon, Steve Bannon has agreed to relinquish his position at Breitbart. Now the left will have find a new boogie man to explain to themselves why they can’t sleep at night.  More

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  1. It seems to me that Bannon walked into a room full of skunks and couldn’t help himself. He had to kick every one of the skunks. I liked his goals and his dedication to the tasks, but he stunk up the place.

  2. Honestly, I think is Trump cleverly freeing up a valuable resource to help with other more pressing matters.

    Brad knows what I mean.

  3. TSUNAMI, you might be right, but it seems like he already freed him up once when he fired him from the White House. Hell, if he gets any freer he is going to be in welfare.


    Yes and if you’ve been paying attention Trumps got them focused on one hand for about 6 to 8 months now. Mean while that pen is busy. He’s signing an EO today that nobody seems to have any clue as to what it is.

    Check your mail

  5. “Hell, if he gets any freer he is going to be in welfare”

    That’s pretty damn funny.

    The one thing to consider is how do you rise that high and then turn out to be a total flake. I dunno. Is he taking one for the team at a crucial time? Hard to say. With all the fake news go around DJT and Don Jr. wasted no time jumping his shit. Could go either way.

  6. Nope, don’t have a problem with Bannon or President Trump.

    All this sure took the heat off of the weak, ineffective establishment leaders(?) of the GOP House and Senate.

    By the way where are we with the border wall, obamacare, ending continuing resolutions to fund the government, defunding planned parenthood, reduction of the size of Government and ending abortion?

    If the Republican Party actually had a spine and stood for the principles it purports to espouse, these high-stakes games wouldn’t be a problem. However, Ryan and McConnell are the type of guys who fold holding pocket aces pre-flop. Even when they hold the advantage, they capitulate, because they seemingly don’t hold the principles they use to get elected. (CR)

    Even when we win Ryan and McCONnell make sure we come out losers.

  7. You know, I liked Bannon for a while. Even though he was a little rough around the edges I wanted to see him do well. If this turns out to be a charade I’ll be fine with it.

  8. Oh yeah, dreamers, UN, paying Palestinians, islamist immigration, returning terrorists, clinton crime family, soros, and Illegal immigration too. There are so many more to list.
    Ryan and McCONnell the flopsy twins.

  9. I kinda liked Bannon. Sorry to see him go. I’d rather listen to him than those Brooks Brothers motherfuckers I’ve been listening to these past 30 years or so.
    Don’t stray too far Steve. America needs men like you.

  10. The multitude of liberals infesting this administration won this round and Bannon and all other conservatives lost!

  11. The very same day that Bannon resigned from Briebart, DACA amnesty, in all it Jeb Bush coated glory, was put on the table as an act of yuge and beautiful love!


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