Based Stick Man Instant CULT HERO – WHO is he? And What did he do?


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25 Comments on Based Stick Man Instant CULT HERO – WHO is he? And What did he do?

  1. Yea this is the guy that I was talking about earlier. Between him and wedgie man it looks like Antifa may want to rethink their violence bull shit. I’ll lay long odds we are better at it than them.

  2. Thanks kindly you Mr.Pinko for spreading the news. And thanks also to Mr. Stick Man for battle testing his stick for us. My first take, based on that research, is we need thicker sticks. Light enough to swing, too strong to shatter…too often.

  3. Could have the videos have been any shorter? I’m with you on this. I want to see real reprisal against these punks who think they are warriors. They are not warriors. They are bed wetting pussies living in mommy’s basement. Apply the hickory.

  4. He’s a Texian, too! If need be, he’s gonna go down fightin’ against the odds, like his fore-bearers at the Alamo did 181 years ago, tonight!!!

  5. Just so youse all know, the most effective way to use a weapon like that is to poke with it. Not swing it. Shortest distance between two points thing. I had to teach Chuck Norris that.

  6. About 4 feet of 2 1/2″ of ash does nicely. I’d
    recommend a Marine Corps riot baton, those
    things will rock your world. Break their legs and
    they won’t come back.

  7. A kendo bamboo or wooden practice sword will do much better then a dowel. I have knocked out a person with the bamboo sword, knocked them upside the head, on the temple. He dropped like a sack of cement.

  8. You can buy 1.25″ diameter solid polycarbonate rod, 36″ long for about $50-$75 depending on where you go. It’s used in some food handling equipment, if anybody happens to ask.

    It’s very hard to break.

    Oddly, the newer riot batons are 1.25″ diameter x 36″ polycarbonate, they cost about the same as the generic rod, but you would need a badge to buy one most places, and you probably couldn’t use them in that food handling equipment you’re fixing, anyway.

  9. Charlie, as an individual that has always prepared for altercations, I’ve always found it sad I felt it was necessary to do so. I hope that makes sense. 1 and 1 is good enough.

  10. There’s a tree here called Hop Hornbeam a.k.a. Iron Wood …. sparks fly off the chain saw cutting a live one. Another good ‘limb’ is from the Locust tree.

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