Ben Shapiro and Allahpundit Team Up To Concoct Asinine Tweet

This imagery is normally used by Christians to show Trump signing bills that please them, as if by divine guidance.

Shapiro and Allahpundit take the image and do THIS with it –>

30 Comments on Ben Shapiro and Allahpundit Team Up To Concoct Asinine Tweet

  1. Wow this makes me angry. Somebody needs to stuff little Ben in a fanny pack and throw him off a peer. Hopefully the Atlantic. The Pacific is already polluted

  2. I have hated AllahPundit for longer, so I win.
    Actually who has hated AllahPundit the longest?
    I think I started hating him right around 2008, about the same time I figured that Ace at AoSHQ was a complete and total phony.
    He’s best buds with AP.

  3. I’ve never forgiven Hot Air after the “Valentine’s Day Massacre” it pulled, turning on Trump supporters in a vicious purge of the comments section. After they went to Facebook comments a few years ago-2/14/2016- there was no reason to stay because no one spoke freely. AP just didn’t like the challenges he got for opposing Trump. As far as Shapiro, Breitbart is so much better without his braying. Glad he stomped his little feet like a child and left. These two idiots are irredeemable #NeverTrump, and both are non-Christians. Not surprised they came up with this.

  4. My in laws have just recently discovered Ben Shapiro and think he’s the cats meow, so witty and funny and smart. “Yeah well, he is smart and I admire his snark but did you know that he’s a raging NeverTrumper,” I tell them. Oh and the fall on the sword thing he did for Michelle Fields? They think he’s the best still…I can take solace that they like Ben and not Bernie.






    making their first live appearance


  6. AoS does not strike me as calculatingly fake as AP once did. He’s not too far removed from Charles Johnson so I haven’t seen FartAir in many years, since before Trump.

  7. Hmm…the alleged encounter happened in 2005. The alleged check was signed in October 2016. I’m pretty sure Trump didn’t have access to the Oval Office by them.
    Stupid and inaccurate attempt to be funny by the helium boy, who so proudly tweeted once that “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

  8. I was on Hot Air/allahpundit (remember allah is in the house ?)before Obama. Didn’t comment much. around about Barry’s second term or after Michelle Malkin sold it, it seemed to change. By Trump’s candidacy it became intolerable. They also got rid of the blog roll at the side of the page where you previously could find many pages of interest. Shapiro may be smart but he’s a self righteous scold.and he looks and acts like a weasel on speed.

  9. Oh I almost forgot. Did you all know Allahpundit is an atheist? No! It’s true! He mentions it more times than John Kasich mentions that he was the son of a mailman.

  10. Also, what do these aholes think the Hillary Presidency would be like at this point ? Who do they think she would have placed on the Supreme Court?

  11. Anonymous – Interesting. I’ve hated AP since 2008 as well. And some of my twitter friends who are (or were) friends with allahpundit used to viciously mock him behind his back. (Some of them have blogs, or write for blogs now, you know who you are… 😉 ) lol.

  12. Ace and Allah are not 2 peas in a pod when it comes to politics.
    I think Ace is authentic, I think Allah is struggling with his leftism.
    He is a New Yorker and he’s been absorbed, the weak-minded always succumb.

    If Ace is a fake it’s not because of politics, it’s because of an image he cultivated about himself, the Pirate! The cool, tough talking, dangerous, mysterious figure.

    He’s a doughy nerd in real life.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with doughy nerds.

  13. Was one of the first posters on HA when Malkin owned the place. Read and commented on it less and less. WHen townhall bought the site almost never read. Switching to fecesbook comments ended it totally. Do not miss it.

  14. Trump is a scumbag. I knew that 15 years ago. But he’s a conservative scumbag and he was running against a socialist scumbag and therefore I voted for him. Shapiro and others keep lamenting that Trump is ruining the future of the GOP. I have yet to hear a cogent explanation of why that’s the case. If anything he’s brining working class whites back into the party. Not to mention he’s moving the conversation so far to the right on immigration that it gives cover for other conservatives to be less hardline and still sound reasonable. I am losing zero sleep over Russia, sh!thole, stormy whatever, tweets and all the rest.


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