Bergdahl’s father’s deleted tweet

Allen West

Take a look at this tweet from released Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl’s father — which has since disappeared from his account.

Photo: AP via The Blaze

Folks, this is either a very bad case of Stockholm Syndrome or something far more nefarious is at stake. Regardless, there is more to this than meets the eye of Obama making a unilateral decision and announcement on a Saturday — when he believes no one is watching.

This is not just going to slip away and we’re not going to get caught up in the emotion of Bergdahl’s release.  He wasn’t “captured” — he deserted his assigned post.


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13 Comments on Bergdahl’s father’s deleted tweet

  1. This is really weird. I’m surprised they’re not trying to hide this double-cross, instead they are flouting it in our faces.

  2. So, what punishment will Obama receive for going around congress…AGAIN.

    Don’t worry – not holding my breath. I can’t hold it for years; maybe never.

  3. Why, exactly did SGT Bowe Bergdahl join the American Armed Services unless it was to be a saboteur?

  4. I wonder how loud the rending of clothes and the gnashing of teeth from the libtards would be if Obama, Jarrett, Holder, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, etc. were murdered by persons who screamed “Allahu Akbar!” just before they blew up themselves and their liberal target?

    Wanna bet that islam would become a right-wing fundamentalist religion that needs to be wiped out rather than stay the butt-buddies of the liberal left as they are now?

  5. I guess we are lucky this POS didn’t murder some buddies before deserting. I’m sure people were killed and wounded searching for the rat bastard over the years. I actually felt ill yesterday while watching zero and Mom/Pa in the Rose Garden. What a slap in the face. “We’ll leave no American behind.” What about Berghazi? You are lower than whaleshit zero. Damn your muslim ass.

  6. I’m glad this guy got out (regardless of whether he deserted) but I want to see a full and OPEN military investigation into just how he came about being taken. If he did desert his post then I expect him to be Courts Martialed and serve time at Leavenworth the length of which will depend on whether any troops suffered because of his actions (I know, there most likely were and this should be made public as well). Anyway, people need to continue to ask questions else some of the eunuchs that Obama has managed to place in the military (while getting rid of the professionals) will cover up any wrong doing so Obama can look the hero.
    On another note, expect more kidnappings now that Obama has broken the no-exchange rules.

  7. GITMO has lots of room. Put this asshat there along with his deserter son. Maybe BHO too since he broke the law to get the deserter away from his friends.


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