Bernie Sanders’ Third House

It’s on Lake Champlain. (I swear I thought they said Lake Complain.)

Bernie, the socialist, won’t quit until he has as many houses as deodorant choices.


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  1. My super-liberal sister owns three houses and receives a handsome government retirement package. She rails about the rich. When I remind her that SHE’s rich she goes ballistic.

  2. Pointed this out to leftist drones at another site. They insisted right down the line (talking points) that Bernie has earned every cent he has…these are the same people who will insist “the rich” stole whatever they have from “the poor.”

    The problem with this society is, we didn’t kill enough Communist infiltrators when we knew they were spreading.

  3. Stalin had 3 dachas.
    Hitler had Berchtesgaden, the Wolf’s Lair, and the Chancellery.
    Mao had the entire Forbidden City.
    Mugabe has 2 palaces.
    Mussolini had 4 villas.
    Fido Castro owned the whole island/prison and ruled from a position of luxury – including his silk “fatigues” and underwear.
    Arafat had places in Paris (where he kept his beard … uhh wife) and his boy-toy playhouses in Gaza.
    Can’t forget Chavez, Kim, Ceausescu, Hoxha, Ortega, Maduro, …, &c.

    Floating at the top of the cesspool in a Socialist Utopia pays well – any other level – not so much.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Socialism is utopia only for those at the top and for those they favor. The trick is, you have to be willing to lie, steal and kill to get there AND stay there.

    Who is it that came solely to lie, steal and kill?

    “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”

    “They have their reward.”

  5. If the real estate is suspicious, just imagine what Bernie’s undeclared offshore numbered accounts must look like.

    And what is it with the outdoorsy “vacation houses”? This old Commie geezer looks 103, is only barely still ambulatory, osteoporosis so sever he’s a hunchback, and three flights of stairs would kill him. Don’t tell me he craves long walks in the woods and a brisk swim in the ice cold New England surf.

    And I’ll bet their net worth is protected in a complex series of trusts, like the Kennedys.
    Taxes for little people and political opponents, but never for The Inner Party.

  6. This is how it’s done:
    “Nestled near the end of a suburban cul-de-sac in Alexandria, Virginia, is one of the most profitable media buying agencies in the 2016 primary race for the White House.”
    “Old Towne Media has another connection to Sanders: The two principal buyers for the company worked in the past with his wife, Jane. Jane Sanders, Shelli Hutton-Hartig and Barbara Abar Bougie were media buyers during Bernie Sanders’ 2006 Senate race.”

    Read the rest here:

  7. Socialism is the greatest creator of poverty in the world.

    Note that Bernie’s 3rd house was purchased through a tax-avoiding trust and he refuses to divulge the source of the almost $600K cash.

    Bernie earned $1 million last year – he will not reveal what his wife earned.

    They have now started a non-profit and put Jane’s son in charge.

    I am cynical enough to say that Bernie ran for president ONLY to access massive campaign contributions to siphon for lawyers’ and other fees. They knew in 2015 that Jane would be investigated for filing fraudulent documents with the government.

  8. Crazy Bernie is a believer in the hoax called global warming. If he really believes his BS why would he buy a lakeside home that can be inundated with water when the oceans rise and the lake waters backs up?

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