BFH Fast Food Review

I was making a u-turn and saw a place called Culver’s. The sign is a blue oval.

I thought it was a water supply company. (Maybe I made a connection to Culligan?) But too many people were going in, so I took a second look. It’s a fast food restaurant.

It wasn’t too far from my place so I decided to check out some new local fare.

The place is really nice looking on the inside. The carpet and tile are warm grays, and the walls have architectural brick and wood. The ceilings are dropped in different areas to give it and interesting feel. There are flat screens on the walls and none of them were tuned to CNN. The seating is spaced apart, no one is on top of one another. I give the ambience a 10.

(Note Sarah Huckabee on the Tee Vee)

Now the food.

You order in the typical way, but you don’t wait around in limbo like a loon, loitering near the counter until you get your order. They give you a number to place on whatever table you choose and they bring you your food. I give that a 10.

I had a usual- chicken tenders and fries with a diet root beer. You get your own drink from the fountains.

The diet root beer tasted like diet root beer! That is amazing. Normally at these places it’s guessing game- “I think this is carbonated Fantastik.”

The fizz and syrup content was perfect. I give it a 10.

The fries were crinkle cut. Not greasy at all, crispy on the outside with the right amount of salt. I give them an 8.

The tenders (4 filets about the size of what you’d get when you order fish and chips) were…… tender- real breast, not one bite of grizzle, tendon or mysterious substance. The breading was light panko. Absolutely the best chicken tender I have ever eaten. I give it a 10.

It came to 8 dollars.

I own no stock in Culver’s, don’t have any affiliation with them whatsoever. I think Culver’s is a keeper.

I didn’t get the burger, or the shakes, or the chili, or have any of their soup or mashed potatoes… but I will.

Anyone else ever eat a Culver’s? Did I catch them on a good day?


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  1. ahhh, Butter burgers or Cod Dinner and frozen custard.

    I don’t own stock either, it’s been a while since eating there, but it was always good….I mean real good !

  2. Nope, we don’t even have a Chik a’ Fil in my town, and we’re even lucky to have a McDonalds even though we never eat there. We usually go to the Indian casino here to their brewery. They have excellent award winning beer and the best hamburgers around, and delicious sweet potato fries. If you find a great place to eat, stick with them!

  3. Never heard of them. Glad you got good eats.

    I’m just happy that it was nice enough here to spark up the big green egg and toss on a couple of my Christmas presents on it. Allen Brothers strip steaks.


  4. Goldenfoxx

    Maybe no Chik a Fil but you have the Tap room. Sierra Nevada Breweries restaurant (Chico). Dang good food.I hope you’ve eaten there.

  5. If Culver’s is a chain there are none in my part of Texas. Sounds like a good place to eat.

  6. Ate there at least once a week a couple years ago when traveling to Cedar Rapids IA for business. Food quality was consistently excellent across the menu. You have to try the butter burger and cheese curds.

  7. Doot, I live in Springfield, MO and they have a Culver’s here. Don’t know how widespread they are but they are consistently excellent here. Try a burger – AWESOME! Double burger and fries. The only better franchise burger I’ve tasted here in MO is from Freddy’s Frozen Custard. They mash the beef down and create what’s called lace around the patty. Singed Heaven!

  8. Glad you went in.
    Usually sports on the TV in my town, never politics (way to ruin an appetite!).
    My Favorite fast food place. Never had a bad order of fries. Love the Cheddar Butter Burger with Bacon basket.
    I ALWAYS get gift cards for Christmas and Father’s Day, my Birthday, etc.
    I do limit my visits to once a week.
    And the custard is good too, just don’t do much for sweets anymore.

  9. They’re big here in WI. I like their fish so well I don’t know if anything else they sell is any good. Well, that and their ice cream, frozen custard, or whatever it is. That’s what I have for desert, and it’s good too.

  10. @BadBrad, try Feather Falls Casino Brewery. It’s excellent and we like their Soaring Eagles Ale. They have great pizza (fire brick oven). DH won’t go to Chico to eat. My friends son does the graphic arts for Sierra Nevada Brewery.

  11. Waaaaaaaaa, one of the things I miss after moving to Michigan from Minnesota. I used to have one just a few miles from me. Didn’t partake too often, but one of the best fast food joints I’ve been to. Always got hot foot hot and cold food cold. Tasty, too.

  12. Oh yeah, Culver’s. Just opened one very close to us. Could be dangerous. Love the place. Double butter burger with cheese and a two scoop turtle sundae. Then, waddle out.

  13. Every time I go home to Michigan, Culver’s is one of my first stops! (Ate there 4 times with the fam over Christmas break!) Best.burger.ever! (No, this is not an overuse of exclamation points…Culver’s is truly that good!!!!)

  14. I have, but it has been a good long while. Might need to try it again! I hate eating AT a restaurant, being a bit claustrophobic, but the Culver’s near me has a nice, large outdoor patio. Once it warms up I’ll probably give it another shot!

  15. Claudia, if you are ever on the west side of MI (Holland), there is a Culver’s. Love their food, I would love to try their frozen custard, but sadly, I can’t do dairy.

  16. YES! Turtle sundae. Custard with hot fudge and caramel on top w/ pecans…..AHHH good.
    BAcon butter burger , salads are excellent, even my husband likes them. And try the lemon ice with raspberries on top, excellent.

  17. Indian Land/Fort Mill area is mine, about 25 min away. Had one in Ohio even closer, that was nice. Missing Tim Horton too.

  18. I ate another low sodium hurricane MRE a while ago. They suck compared to the real military MRE’s. I’m only eating them because the American taxpayer worked hard to pay for them and I refuse to waste them out of respect.

  19. We got a few of them here in Middle TN. Good stuff.

    Their burgers are not pre-made, so it takes slightly longer to finish your order. This is why they handle drive-thru orders differently than other places. At the window, they place one of the order numbers on your door handle, and you pull into one of the waiting spots. They bring the order to your door once it’s ready.

  20. didn’t partake of Culver’s during my annual Florida sojourn, but did discover Jason’s …. great deli-style restaurant (w/ those #’s things) went there at least 10 times & ate quite a variety …. & EVERYTHING was EXCELLENT!

    … oh, did I mention the free ice cream & toppings?

  21. The butterburgers are the best. During lent they had deep fried walleye as a fish platter. It wS wonderful. And the frozen custard is the reason Wisconsin women can get pretty hefty. I believe they started in Wisconsin — original home of frozen custard.

  22. Goldenfoxx

    The best pizza place in the World, maybe the universe is Sylvio’s in Gridley. If your ever passing through there grab one.

  23. Born and raised in Wisconsin where you are ALWAYS in the shadow of a CULVERS…..EVERY positive comment here is SPOT ON (and for the record there were NO negative comments). All that being said, I’d still rather live in Southern Nevada where the weather is SO much nicer…. 🙂

  24. @MissInMi, I checked after I made the comment and there is one in the southern suburb of Grand Rapids. I’m trying to get a job near there, so I just might be able to pick up dinner some time!

    But even if I don’t get a job near GR, I can visit the one in Holland when I head for the beach in the summer! Yea!

  25. They’re big up here Fur. There’s one right down the street from my house. Love their food and since Culver’s offers independent franchisee licensing, many of the Culver’s stores are run by Conservatives.

  26. This time of night happens every night. Honey, let’s liquidate our property and most of our assets, but a sweet motor home, grab the critters and GO.
    There is a lot of country to experience. And a new hometown to experience with a new burger joint.

    Anybody interested in a lightly used table saw and vacuum system, jointer, planer, router table better for you’ve ever seen (I built it it is actually a 4×8 work table with clamping guides)


    It’s hard now. When I was 20 something it was easy.
    Saved money designing and building my own
    Furniture. Mortise and tenon, through tenons.

    Not sure I saved any money at all after buying the tools, but who builds their own furniture anymore?

    Sorry to fantasize on your time. I want to run away from home. I’m 13 years old in my mind. Actual age add 50.
    BFH is going to start charging me $200 an hour couch time soon.

  27. Man. I was thinking that when you get closer to the finish line life would get easier. It gets even worse.
    How does this happen?

    That’s why I want to run away. Wtf?
    I blasted out of DC to Italy for a few years. Came back to DC. Blasted up to Cape Cod.

    I got the acquisitions and the timelines wrong somewhat, but yikes.

    Down to Richmond and the acquisition of toys really started. How do I rid myself of all the STUFF? and get back to my younger self, a guy who didn’t care about possessions and lawn care and such meaningless pursuits?

  28. Culver’s are all franchises. I know. I work for a company the services 2 of them. Love the couple that owns the one in Adrian, MI. Good people. They both work the counter and grill, etc.

  29. You must have been going through Wisconsin. They are a Chick-fil-a type of set up.
    Best known:
    1. Butter Burgers.
    2. Real-tasting root beer.
    3. Frozen custard.
    4. Chicken tenders.

    It’s a “fast-food” restaurant that clearly gives a shit. There are like 10 people to take your order, the place is clean, and the food is pretty good.
    1st time I went there was 25 years ago.

  30. I’m friends with a Culver’s managerial assistant who is in training to be an owner/franchisee. Former Marine. Of course.
    Culver’s has the best fast food in the business. And they have an amazing business model, which is why they are so successful.
    Try their Cod, fur. Unbelievable. Better than the cod sold at any expensive restaurant.

  31. Phoenix, AZ here.
    Culver’s is aces. Tenders, cod, butter burger, waffle cut fries, and their frozen creamy treats……are all top notch,especially when lumped in with standard fare fast food.

  32. i used to think In and Out was the best burger around until i ate a culvers.

    Absolutely my favorite fast food joint.

  33. Looks like there is one in Flower Mound, TX. That’s about 25 miles from me, so I doubt I will make a special trip. Sounds good though.

  34. We have one here in SC. I adore their Reuben sandwiches and their soups. There’s not a bad thing on their menu.

  35. Their frozen custard is off the charts awesome. My iowa relatives divert miles to get it. Yeah thats a good review bfh you do have a good eye and descriptions!

  36. @this Texan – yes, but you have the Bill Miller’s chain in San Antone.

    Num num num num….

  37. My family and I eat there quite often. Best fast food around. We live in the GR MI area and there are several around. I believe they start in WI and have branched out.

    Get your crinkle fries “extra crispy”. Your welcome. Still not as god of fries as Chic-Fil-A’s waffle fries though.

  38. Great review, BFH. Everything you said is right-on. We here in Wisconsin have loved Culver’s for years. Founded in Sauk City, WI, by a terrific family.

  39. Culver’s is big in Utah. I’ve eaten there a few times and was always satisfied with the food, etc. It’s very family oriented. They also have a drive-thru where I once ordered a caramel apple sundae that was delicious.

  40. Culver’s is AWESOME!!!! Get the cheese curds!! A concrete mixer!! Everything this at Culver’s is great! What ever it is you get if you were to put on top of your head your tongue would beat your brains trying to get to it!!!!


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