Bias Chart

Via Sharyl Attkisson

Attkisson posts the mastheads of dozens of publications with their political leanings.

Anything left of the center line might as well be the outer banks. There are no moderate leftists.

ht/ Michelle’s Big Beaver

I feel I need to update this so mouth breathers will know which way is which on the spectrum.

I’ve included a few images to help them along.

Who do you identify with?


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  1. You need another category. #NeverTrumpers. And what the heck is going on with Drudge all of a sudden?

  2. I didn’t see IOTW on that chart so
    It’s bogus.

    Hot Air hasn’t been relevant since Malkin and Preston left. Too tired to unpack it. NRO? Used to read it faithfully. Yeah. Whatever. Dewey Defeats Truman.

  3. I don’t read it often so it may be selection bias but I have never read a really conservative article in the Christian Science Monitor.

  4. It would be useful to segregate out the Fiction category, aka Fake News.

    After losing all credibility, should Rolling Stone and Snopes be included, implying they didn’t publish proven FRAUDULENT material?

  5. I agree with the sorting.

    Note how completely the Left has captured ALL the business/financial press. That was inevitable once the Left captured all the Journalism schools.
    Also ALL the remaining men’s lifestyle magazines, like GQ (now Gay Q) and even ESQUIRE, which like Atlantic used to be a good “literary” read each month.

    Many of the online sites on the Right are morphing ever more Squishy and Center-Left as they hire Millenials whose core worldview is always Left leaning thanks to the Left-captured schools.

    And FOX? 75% openly Leftist programming all day long. Only HANNITY seems truly conservative. Carlson is a squishy Beltway Centrist at best. And both shows are formatted to showcase Leftist guests spouting Leftist rhetoric, to which the hosts are allowed a token rebuttal at best.

    The WH Press Corps needs to be broken. Soros’ many media front groups like Media Matters must be broken. NPR and PBS defunded. FOX needs a shakeup, with firings. And we need a new, truly conservative news video channel (Breitbart TV?)
    Also at least one movie studio making conservative, non Leftist entertainment.
    Then the cultural tide may begin to turn.

  6. The Wall Street Journal and The Daily Mail do not belong on the right side of the chart. Also, notice how many on the right are internet based? We don’t have nearly the voice as the left.

  7. Roll Call and Reuters both need to be slid to the left of that bar. I read Roll Call once every day and it doesn’t even hide its bias in the headlines. Stars and Stripes is an interesting one as well. Nearly 100% of the AP articles contained within it are anti-military, anti-US while the S&S military authors are pro-military and pro-US.

  8. Well, from where I stand almost all of those listings are to the left but part of that is because we’re in the Outer Banks.
    We ain’t Wright…
    But we ain’t left.

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