Big giant head spent $500,000 against Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race



Evan McMullin Group Targeting Roy Moore Wants Constant Flow of Middle East Migration to U.S.

The Republican establishment group fronted by failed presidential candidate Evan McMullin — which has spent $500,000 against populist conservative Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race — supports a constant flow of Middle East migration to the United States.

McMullin’s “Stand Up Republic” has spent half a million dollars attempting to help elect Moore’s opponent in the Alabama Senate race, pro-open borders Democrat candidate Doug Jones, as Breitbart News reported.


The GOP establishment organization, though, is vastly at odds with Alabama voters, opposing President Trump’s travel ban, which blocks foreign nationals from a handful of countries that export terrorism, thus supporting a constant flow of Middle East migration to the U.S.  read more


17 Comments on Big giant head spent $500,000 against Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race

  1. The people I’m really disgusted with are the ones who propped up this egotistical, sanctimonious prick, fed his vanity and encouraged him to “run for President.” They created a monster.

  2. He reminds me of the giant egghead aliens from the original Star Trek series. The episode (The Menagerie) with the big aliens using illusions to control Capt. Pike.

    Evan – “Wrong thinking is punishable. Right thinking will be as quickly rewarded. You will find it an effective combination.”

  3. I live in Utah and have no qualms with Mormons who on the whole are good people. However, there is part of the gene pool here that is inbred and I have come to recognize the look. Evan McMullin is the prototype. And I’d be willing to bet he is receiving support from Glenn Beck.

  4. The Breitbart piece doesn’t seem to have this information about the super PAC and donors involved. This is from DC:

    “One of McMullin’s large Silicon Valley donors is billionaire eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, who funded an anti-Trump super PAC during the presidential campaign.

    Omidyar announced a $250,000 donation to Stand Up Republic in May through his organization, Democracy Fund. (Democracy Fund publicizes all its grants in the interest of transparency.)

    Democracy Fund said the donation to Stand Up Republic was to support the group in “confronting and engaging in important work to protect the norms of our democracy and to push back against dangerous demagoguery in our politics.”

    The identities of McMullin’s other “larger donors from Silicon Valley” remain a secret and he intends to keep it that way.”

    And because we no longer have a bullpen, you will really enjoy this (I had to watch it over and over because I love to laugh): “Roy Moore’s gonna win!”


  5. Okey dokey mister Rich Liberal Dumb Ass. Want middle east terrorists coming to America? Fine. Let’s start with you. First half dozen have to live with you and your family. Can’t wait you say? No problemo. We’ll go to the nearest prison and get half a dozen MS-13 gang members. We’ll have them at your front door in an hour or so. Will that work for ya, Sport?


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