Bipartisan Senate Group To Roll Out Soft DACA Bill

Sen. Tom Cotton’s response:

“Might as well roll it straight into the trash can … mass amnesty far beyond DACA, fake border security, no end to chain migration,” he tweeted Tuesday night.

Read what the demands of the “Gang of Six” were.

12 Comments on Bipartisan Senate Group To Roll Out Soft DACA Bill

  1. These scum want to openly defy the wishes of the public and have been for years. Why pigs in our party like Miss Lindsey go along shows the extent he’s in the pocket of big business. I despise the little fraud and wish there was a way to get him gone. Thanks SC for this rat.

  2. Comprehensive Illegal Alien Amnesty For Shithole Escapees supported by Democrats and Rhinocrats for a Permanent Democrat Majority. Shortened to: Traitors for Shitholers.

    God speed Senator Tom Cotton.

  3. For lo these many years our elected officials have refused to do their sworn constitutional duty and uphold the very immigration laws that they passed and made into law. Now they want to do an end around and legalize the very folks they officially declared to be illegal and against whom they passed laws declaring that fact! They have now declared that Up is down, black is white and 2+2=5!

  4. “3 years should be sufficient.”

    You do realize that’s three years with no military. I hope you’re brushing up on your Mandarin.

  5. Brad,

    Think, dude. Trump will make sure the military is funded through an EO or something. Trump isn’t going to jeopardize national security because the Democrat douchebags threaten to defund the military.

    Don’t be gaslighted by liberal talking points.

  6. He can shut down the bureaucracy though.

    It’s a game of chicken. Trump will win because it’ll force the libtards to either concede Trumps point of view on immigration veracity or the dems will get labeled as unconcerned with anti-American safety in favor or diversity (dilution) of our culture.

    Trump is trying to prevent an invasion through legislation.

    Now, I understand that if the government shuts down that you might not get paid for your wares, and I’m sorry for that reality.


    You’re not understanding the situation. These are not off the shelf parts. Here’s the magnitude, I’ve been doing the DLA work for a long time. Seldom do I ever see a repeat job/part. It’s an acquired skill tracking down Boeing specs from the 1950’s and interpreting them into a modern existing spec. After Obama’s reign of terror on this industry the survivors are just ramping back up. This goes on to long you will be eliminating our ability to replace those parts. Right down to material vendor that supply alloys no longer readily available.


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