Black activists shout ‘Shame on you!’ at Chicago aldermen supporting Obama Presidential Center

What goes around comes around for the community organizer who became POTUS.  Most embarrassingly, the dispute that caused an Alinsky-esque assault on black politicians was over the division of spoils among the black community itself.

John Byrne reports in the Chicago Tribune:

An attempt by some African-American Chicago aldermen to publicly praise Obama Presidential Center designers for hiring minority contractors ran into shouts of “Shame on you!” by a group that wants a community benefits agreement to protect residents living near Jackson Park.

The dueling news conferences Wednesday by the City Council Black Caucus and activists came after the Obama foundation announced this month that a collective of five construction firms – most of them African-American[-]owned – had been hired to manage the construction of the center.

Black Caucus [c]hairman Ald. Roderick Sawyer, 6th, said taking that step is better than Barack Obama signing an agreement to promise jobs to people who live near the presidential center site near Jackson Park.

Those five construction firms have friends on the City Council.  The activists have Alinsky and don’t trust Obama’s word. MORE

9 Comments on Black activists shout ‘Shame on you!’ at Chicago aldermen supporting Obama Presidential Center

  1. Fighting over free shit.

    Denizens of Chicago.
    Makes ya go: Hmmmmmmmmmmm

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. No honor among thieves

    They practiced screwing whitey, over racism claims for decades, and now they are using the same weapons to attack each other.

    When you take away the Republican punching bag, they eventually destroy themselves. Unsustainable.

  3. Trump could build it under cost and ahead of schedule but he’s busy trying to MAGA.
    This monstrosity will turn out like the Tower of Babel.

  4. “there’s no history that says their (Obama’s) word is worth anything”.

    Even after 8 years of obama’s presidency there is no track record of honesty or keeping promises.

    Welcome to the real world Black America!
    The obama world of deceit, deception, division and destruction.

  5. First black president, Ha never did nothing for the black community only for the homosexual and criminal Muslims and is pride criminals illegal aliens . Don’t complain you guys was proud of this Muslim suck it up

  6. After only one year, President Trump has done more than any modern day U.S. President for black Americans. Obama has done absolutely nothing. Now, his zombied devotees are “woke” and finding out he’s nothing but a taker and not “down for the cause”.
    BTW, if built this will be the second monument for Obama. The first is the Marxist infested, The National Museum of African American History and Culture in DC.


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