#BlackLivesMatter Releases Policy Statement For Solving the Problem of Bad Cops and It’s As Audacious As It Is Depressing

The solution?

Let black people be menaces to society.

In their 10 point plan, point 1 is “ending Broken Windows Policy,” which means giving a free pass on “minor offenses” that often leads to black people ending up dead.

See how this works. It’s the chicken/egg syndrome. Blacks end up dead because they never respected the laws that they feel are “minor offenses,” so they resist the police, escalating the situation into something that goes badly. Their solution is not to be a respectable citizen, their solution is for cops to look the other way.

What are the “minor offenses” that these particularly idiotic blacks want carte blanche to commit? (Remember, there are good black people who think this just as idiotic as some white people do.)

  • Drinking in Public
  • Marijuana possession
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Trespassing
  • Loitering
  • Disturbing the Peace (including Loud Music)
  • Spitting

So there’s this guy hanging out, smoking pot and drinking, listening to vulgar rap music, on 11, holding his junk and spitting, and he’s on private property, not his own, someone else’s private property. Maybe it’s your property.

The police should look the other way. That’s what these activist blacks want.

That’s only Point ONE.

Here’s the rest. It’s called Campaign Zero- which is the collective IQ of the people who put it together.

Here’s their banner, which features Michael Brown, with an RIP, Rest In POWER.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 4.01.17 PM


48 Comments on #BlackLivesMatter Releases Policy Statement For Solving the Problem of Bad Cops and It’s As Audacious As It Is Depressing

  1. How about this: Fulfill everyone of their demands by having the police simply avoid the area? Easy Peasy!!

  2. So a guy breaks a window, goes into a house and throws shit around, eats stuff from the fridge, etc. and then leaves. You know who it is, because you saw him, but he can’t be charged because there’s no way to arrest him for tresspassing or window breaking? lol

    “But but but, MJA, he broke all my shit!!! ”

    — Dude… You don’t get it. He was never there, maaaan. He was never there…

  3. If these thugs are upset at cops shooting some of their pals, taking the cops out of the picture will make ordinary people realize that they are responsible themselves for protecting their lives, families, and property.

    BLM, you incredible MORONS, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  4. Pretty slick web site for a bunch of thugs. Who financed that? Does a slimebag like Soros fit the profile? What’s the “Planning Team” planning on doing? Never seen such a respectable group.

  5. No, no. This is fantastic! I think every group should be able to choose which laws they should and should not obey.

    Think of it. I’ve just decided certain speed limits, parking restrictions and taxes are discriminatory towards working Americans like me. Therefore I (but not you) should be able to decide whether or not to follow them. A little cutting corners here and there, what could possibly go wrong?!

  6. As long as that also makes it “legal” for other citizens to shoot the bastards on site, I got no problem with that.

  7. But seriously, mental health personnel have been teaching LEOs about dealing with crazy people. This teaching /training was accelerated after so many crazy people were tasered to death and large settlements were being paid out by the city involved.

    But while I’m on the subject of being taser shot, finally the manufacturer warned not to taser shoot people in the chest — it could and did stop the heart. It also didn’t help that tasers were shocking as long as the LEO pulled the trigger – thus some taser deaths were due to prolonged tasering, and others for being repeatedly tasered. There is no switch on the taser that turns itself off after 3 seconds. There was one case of a healthy 17 tear old male who dropped dead after 38 continuous seconds of tasering. In that case the LEO got a paid vacation and was welcomed back on the job.

    LEOs really can make a difference if they are trained how to deal with crazy people, and have mental health support they can call in.

    Remember the crazy guy in NYC? He was standing on a second story ledge, naked, shouting crazy stuff. He wouldn’t get down so the senior officer on site ordered that the man be taser shot. Super LEO did not want to wait until a net could be provided. Guess what — the guy immediately fell to his death. Who could have seen that coming?

    Rant off. The police should be trained about how to deal with crazy people. Well, I got that off my chest.

  8. This is far beyond retarded.
    These pieces of crap need to sit the f**k down and shut the f**k up.
    I believe this is all part of the plan, (not from the protesters, they are “useful idiots”)
    I live in the Baltimore area, and I know that they are waiting for the perfect time to announce that the charges against the police will be dropped, (as they should be) and try to push the, the useful idiots) into a major “Chimpout”, so that the government can step in to “help”.
    And once that starts, there will be a domino effect that encompasses the nation.
    Once that point is reached, we will either have to fight, or let the government remove all of our God given rights as they herd us all into whatever the next phase of their plan is.
    I am quite sure the next step is not in America’s best interest.
    Of course, that is just my opinion.
    Needless to say, I will not go quietly into that night.

  9. You? The Wings?!?
    But I thought you could pee, puke, and pass out there…like…no problemo!!!

  10. No mother should have to go to bed worrying that her son will be killed just because he robbed a convenience store.

  11. Hey, Joey, does that mean you want to shoot the mother with your famous double-barreled shotgun because she foisted a feral predator on the people around her? I can’t think of any other remotely moral way she could be worry-free.

  12. Isn’t that wee bit racist?

    Okay, no, I’m not just being snarky.

    But aren’t these Black Lives Matter people saying that they believe black people are incapable of basic decency, so please stop arresting them for being uncivilized louts who can’t behave themselves sort of racist?

    Do the Black Lives Matter people really believe the only way for the police to make things right with blacks is to lower the bar, and not expect black people can behave like human beings who show basic human qualities like respect for other people’s property?

    Seems to me these BLM idiots are pretty much stereotyping all blacks as subhuman louts incapable of behaving like civilized people.

  13. Do these people brainstorm ways to f*** with society or do they genuinely believe this sh** is a good idea?

    How do they say it with a straight face?

  14. “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” – Jesus Christ as recorded in the gospel of Matthew Chapter 24

  15. I went to the site, and added a suggestion – Stop breaking the law!
    I’m sure they will be right on it.

  16. The dichotomous complaints of the black morons:

    1. The police are too aggressive in the black community!

    2. The police don’t stop crime in the black community!

    Aside from being stupid as hell, the problem with black community craptivism is the absurd claims it makes that blacks are victims.

    The reality is that black brutality makes the black community a shitty place, and the reason why nothing gets done about it is that blacks don’t want anything done about it. They just want the rest of us to pretend it doesn’t exist and allow them to fuck up our communities the same way the fucked up the black community. It’s never gonna happen. I used to live in black neighborhoods, and my definition of success was the day I started earning enough money to never have to live in another goddamn black neighborhood ever again.

    You wanna know why? Because by and large, black people suck. Too many of the are stupid, impulsive, and violent; so wherever there are a lot of black people is, by default, going to be a shitty place to live. They’re not even remotely friendly nor pleasant either. Nobody wants to live around them, and we keep playing this stupid PC game with them. It’s idiotic.

  17. What Steven say. And it’s going to be that way until the members of the black community themselves begin to condemn their own thugs instead of defending them and their behavior on racial grounds.

    There’s really nothing the rest of us can do to help them until that occurs…if it ever does.

  18. Okaaaaaay……

    So, when I issue my policy statement about solving the problem of bad blacks, my first point will be, “Hold them accountable for all of their actions.”

    You won’t be needing points 2 through 10 after that. Blacks want equality so bad? Good, arrest and charge them just as you would white, Hispanic, and Asian troublemakers. ALL miscreants need to be dealt with under the law; NOBODY should get a free pass.

    One thing I sure didn’t miss about being offline was the daily habit of getting so angry and pissed about stories like this. I have simply become my father, who used to stomp around the house screaming and cursing at Walter Reuther, LBJ, Senator Percy of Illinois, anything surnamed Kennedy, and other selected lib targets.

  19. Have a few obama sons ransack this dip shit’s house, beat up his boy friend, and steal his car. Since he works at a University, it’ll take about 6 or 7 episodes but eventually he’ll figure it out.

  20. What they’re actually asking for, is a divorce. A divorce from civil society, a divorce from “white” morality, a divorce from legal constraints to their feral behavior.

    I say give it to them. Nothing clears the head so much as getting exactly what you ask for. But allow the law-abiding to opt out. Let the people who appreciate the police and despise feral behavior be free of the others.

    Make enclosures for the ferals. Barbed wire, high fences, electric fences, EBT cards, and bodegas operated by anyone stupid enough to have one – oh yeah – liquor stores by whoever is stupid enough to have one.

    It’s called “Freedom of Association.”

  21. The cops in Baltimore did just that. And they screamed and cried that the pooolease weren’t doing their jobs.

    The ghettos are self-cleaning ovens. Just close the door until the cleaning cycle is over.

  22. Yep, a juicy race war to provoke Obongo’s final solution: The suspension of the Constitution, Marshall law. Subservience to the UN, and Barry rising to his place at the head of it.
    No. We will no go quietly.
    We will not go at all.
    The Blacks, the Feds, and all the little agencies don’t have the numbers to take us all by force.
    They will lose yet again.

  23. “The ghettos are self-cleaning ovens. Just close the door until the cleaning cycle is over.”

    Now, *that* is funny! ….Lady in Red

  24. Have a time out when they are very young and spend an entire school year teaching them how to obey the law and interact with LEO’s in such a way that nobody gets hurt.
    That might even make the following school years more productive.

  25. So basically these idiots are saying that blacks are too stupid to obey the law, therefore we must lower the bar for them. It’s like giving them a test with answers to some of the questions. Actually they really do do that in some ghetto schools. Hmmm. Wonder if that has anything to do with it.

  26. “they never respected the laws that they feel are “minor offenses,” so they resist the police,”
    aern’t they just using theyre individual liberties?

  27. The more they talk, the more they solidify the case for absolute SEGREGATION.

    Works for me, becauseI plan on staying on the lawful, sane, sustainable side. And because THEY choose it to be so, it will necessarily also be the ‘no people-of-color allowed’ side.

    Go for it. It can’t happen too soon as far as I’m concerned.

  28. It sure does look like the halfrican fake preznit is tearing the place down according to the century old CPUSA guidelines that Bill Ayers knows so well.

    But all the Republican candidates seem to agree that Trump is rude and impatient.

  29. Hey. If the po-po aren’t there to either see it, or clean up after it, AND the perp is dead, who’s gonna report it? You? Me? The neighbors? At that point, I don’t think so.
    Time to learn and practice at least three of the four Esses:

    And as an addendum, maybe cultivate the friendliness of a neighbor to help with the digging. Deep holes and/or butchering in the bathtub ain’t easy.

    I wonder how well the practice of THOSE would fit in with the #BLM and their useful idiots?

    What these #BLM fools don’t realize is that the laws protect THEM from US, more than it protects US from THEM.

    So, pick a partner, and come out dancin’.

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