Blatant Voter Fraud In Both Chicago and New Hampshire

Why is it Democrats always benefit from voter fraud? It’s not fair, I tell you.
The Daily Caller reports that Chicago over-voted from anywhere from 14,000 to 16,000 and New Hampshire’s Motor voting controls are so lax that thousands of Dems from neighboring Massachusetts streamed in last November to throw the election to their side.


Review of New Hampshire’s voter rolls by President Trump’s Voting Integrity Committee only happened after a lawsuit in that state was dropped last month – Here

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  1. Las Vegas too. Trump probably won NH and NV. No wonder they scream bloody murder when anyone tries to review voter registration or implement (what is standard anywhere else) identity verification.

  2. See yesterday’s post about the “religious left”. The left, by and large, has no religious grounding, i.e. “Thou shalt not steal”, “thou shalt not bear false witness” etc. therefore the end justifies the means (any means) without guilt or shame.

  3. The fix was in, everybody knew the fix was in, that accounts for their disbelief on November 8th.
    She didn’t campaign, she socialized with friends, President Trump campaigned.

  4. IOW, half of the US population steals from and has little regard for the other half. Voting fraud is one symptom.

    After 100 years of wealth redistribution, it’s past time to admit that Solon figured out 2500 years ago that that BS doesn’t work. Grand theft sanctioned by lawyers. Time to let the lazy fall by their own weight.

  5. How is New Hampshire going to handle all those same day registrations that never came back to get their NH driver’s license? I ask because if they are all thrown out it would give the Senate seat back to Republican Kelly Ayotte.

    The swing would cancel out the McCain grudge vote and could move Trumps agenda forward through the Senate.

  6. The 16,000 over vote is nothing compared to the total voter fraud.

    1.5 million voters in Chicago
    Excellent voter turnout for Chicago is only 60%.
    That means 40% x 1.5 million = 600,000 fraudulent votes.
    Plus the 16,000 over votes.

  7. That is why the Hillary camp quashed the silly recount in Michigan. They didn’t want anyone to see how many precincts in the Detroit area had fraudulent vote counts.

    They truly underestimated the turnout or it would have been worse. That being said, someone in the HRC camp knew the reality and cancelled the victory fireworks days before the election.


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