Axl Roast Gorges On The Approval of The Resistence Movement

Huffpo noticed first, then Yahoo! News thought it important enough to pick up and feature today. The fact that these two outposts of dumb posts are interested, tells you just how well thought out and analytical Axl Rose’s tweet was in defense of  Robert Mueller. Plenty of lefty numb skulls piled in behind the bloated former front man of  GunsNRoses , but Axl wasn’t done with his epic fit of stupidity.  Here

23 Comments on Axl Roast Gorges On The Approval of The Resistence Movement

  1. Axl does appear to have put on a few………. hams!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. I went to to see if they had a wall sticker of Axl, but they didn’t offer any.

    I guess they don’t do a FatHead of a fat head.

  3. Always HATED Rose. His voice is one the most annoying EVER in rock. G&R would have been such a great band without him. He is The Ethel Merman of Rock.
    “Knock, knock, knockin’ on heavens doooAHHHHAAAAAH” Cringeworthy.

  4. Warning kids, this is what you will be looking at in the mirror after years of drug and alcohol abuse along with losing your mind to liberalism.

  5. Ick!!!!

    Now I’m gonna be singing, “Welcome to the jungle. We’ve got tons of cake!” all night. And laughing every time.

    Axl looks like Farva’s fatter brother.

  6. WOW! Has Axel bloated up! I don’t know if he has always been a liberal but he sure is now.


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