But… All We Want is Tolerance

19 Comments on But… All We Want is Tolerance

  1. Nice, Fur. And what is done can be undone, especially with this up-twinkling crowd of no-nothing zombies. Ask most of them what they are really fighting for and they can’t articulate it beyond the slogans.

  2. A couple million Polish folks had a protest last week, to protect their borders, their heritage and their culture
    – No one was killed
    – No one was hurt
    – No property was damaged

  3. Or dry up mommy and daddy’s money. Because you know that credit card bill isn’t getting paid from wages they earned.

  4. They are great at inane chanting, sign making criminal vandalism. Other than that they are useless basement dwellers.

  5. @buffalo bob.
    But they don’t make their own signs. Most are preprinted from communist party USA, etc.

    At least the Tea Party members made their own.
    I used to really enjoy coming up with signs and creating them.

  6. They have rifles. They are organized. They carry in public while wearing masks marked with the hammer and sickle.

    That looks suspiciously like a violent communist insurgency to me.

  7. Didn’t take ’em long to go from burning the Confederate flag to burning the American flag, did it? They’re anarchists without a cause who are simply out to destroy everything that America stands for regardless of what democRATs and CNN sez!!

  8. sbigail says ” Ask most of them what they are really fighting for and they can’t articulate it beyond the slogans.”

    and this is certainly true…..but they don’t care.

    they are about THE FIGHT, and that’s all they care about….they will fight us, and wound us, and kill us, forever, because that is all they know, that is all they are about….hating us, and destroying us…

    it makes no difference that they can’t make a cogent case for why they hate us…they just DO……and we MUST BE ERADICATED, because THEY ARE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY or something…..

    i say this as the mother of “ONE OF THEM”….i know how futile it is to try to enter into a logical debate with my son – i am already condemned, in his opinion, and have nothing reasonable to say, so he is perfectly justified in not listening to me…….

    luckily, i have another son…… 🙂

  9. They aren’t Liberals at all, they are Anarchists running through the streets with weapons ! They don’t know why they do it, they just do maybe Dad never taught them to fish !


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