CA: Former UC Davis Chancellor to get $318K for teaching one class per quarter


Former UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi is going to teach one engineering course per quarter over the next nine months, and she’s going to get paid $318,000.

$318,000 for one course per quarter!

Her first course this coming fall is a one-unit graduate seminar that’s scheduled to meet 50 minutes every Friday. Davis officials said she will also conduct research, whatever that means. Details on what she’ll be doing are still not available.

UC Davis spokeswoman Dana Topousis said:

“She’s a researcher, and part of her work as a faculty member is to do research at a research institution. I believe this schedule is common of top tier universities like ours.”

Last year Katehi resigned after months of controversy, ending in a four-month investigation launched by UC President Janet Napolitano that cost $1 million.


19 Comments on CA: Former UC Davis Chancellor to get $318K for teaching one class per quarter

  1. They get paid more to do less. Academia is a racket, almost as good as Congress.

    How many politicians end up on a University’s Payroll in charge of an “Institute” with few responsibilities, big pay checks and another pension? Many !

  2. She should have gone into medicine. The ex-medschool dean (and sex perv) at USC was making 1.1 mil before he got caught with his pants down.

  3. I just can’t make the connection between these stories and the stratospheric cost of education. Guess I need more college.

  4. You got to love CA ability to spend the taxpayers money. Check out how much Janet Napataln gets in salary and benefits.

  5. She Handles and Forms one Class Only, She Can’t Afford to Teach More so Don’t Ask Her to. She Would Lose Her Liberal Elitist Social Standing !!!

  6. A cabal of leftist scum working hand in hand to fleece the taxpayer and the donors. Nothing but a criminal enterprise that gets no light on it.

  7. politicians, journalists and teachers, a bigger bunch of American haters, we have never seen.

    teachers teach hate for America and Americans in schools, journalists preach hate for America and Americans at every evening news broadcast, politicians enact America and American hating laws and regulations everyday.

    why and how can we continue to give them such a platform to preach and spread their hate ?

    and we wonder why our children have turned into such snowflakes ?

  8. I’ve heard many government employees say they could earn more in the private market. Funny how they never try.

  9. Boy she looks like a sharp cookie and up and comer (eye roll….). Wouldn’t $31K be a rather generous compensation for one course? $316K?? This ripoff merits closer investigation


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