CA: Look at us! We’re totally arresting illegals now!

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Breitbart: Over 240 illegally present foreign nationals, including previously deported sexual offenders, were taken into custody over the course of four days last week when U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials out of the Los Angeles area conducted an operation in California’s Southland. 

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  1. Nothing like a lawsuit against culpable govt agents to make them focus. I hope SF has to levy a special tax just to pay off the Steinle family. That cheap labor won’t be so cheap then, will it, iJeb! ?

  2. I wrote about this yesterday. I mentioned that had they conducted a sweep of people illegally watering their lawns, they probably would have gotten five times the people. This is like shooting fish in a barrel and only hitting one.

  3. What about to they’re not “illegal” and” it’s for the leetle cheeldren” that mattered so much? Oh yeah, that was the flavor of the month last year among progressive libstains.

    Now that perpetually and most probably literally, butthurt San Francisco got unwanted attention for their heinous anti American attitude, CA wants everyone to think they care about citizens.

    F.U. California for what you did to my home state paradise.

  4. So, whoop-dee-do. For the ones they keep in jail, taxpayers are will be expected to pay for them to live. I bet they don’t make them work for their living (chain gang or whatever).

    The ones they send back home will be back in less than one week.

    They know this is an empty gesture and they are giving the finger to every legal citizen of the USA.

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