Calexit Gets Green Light to Collect Signatures For Ballot Measure


California’s secretary of state is going to allow citizens wanting to secede from the union to collect signatures to put the measure on a state ballot.   They’ll need 500,000 signature in the next six months in order to make the fall election.


The LA Times argues that if California left, the remaining Democrats in D.C. would be marginalized into obscurity by the rest of the nation.




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  1. “California’s secretary of state is going to allow citizens wanting to secede from the union to collect signatures to put the measure on a state ballot. ”

    Not exactly. The ballot measure aims to remove from the Cal Constitution wording that says they will always stay in the Union. It’s a first step to exit, but not a vote to exit by any means.

  2. Be careful what you wish for dummies. CA is a full fault state. We won’t be throwing life preservers to ya all when those faults go crazy and you polecats fall into the drink.

  3. As mentioned earlier by Darryl Boyd this time it’s just a vote to remove wording from their state constitution that stops them from voting on leaving. What they ought to also get is permission to allow California to be partitioned into areas of the State that wish to remain within the US. That has to be taken into consideration else a state civil war is just about guaranteed should a vote to actually leave succeed.

  4. For the love of God…. DO IT!!! The new Country of California will descend into bankrupted liberal anarchy in 6 months. Rest assured that President Trump will have our military on their eastern border.

  5. It’ll be fun to watch this play out for the following reasons:

    1. Most of CA really doesn’t want this, and especially won’t once they see just how fucked things are going to be after secession. The marxist shitbags who want this want to build a totalitarian shithole just like all marxists do.

    2. No military base nor the surrounding area is going to be handed over to some self-declared “independent” country of California. That right there is a strategic disaster unto itself.

    3. For California to be an independent country, they’ll need to assure they have the means and resources to survive. That means exploiting whatever natural reserves they have ruthlessly, which means the native envirotards (at least the ones who aren’t completely full of shit marxist scumbags) will immediately have a problem with their “native” government.

    4. Most of the support for such a move will come from coastal cities. Much of inland CA will want to stay part of the US and will likely fight for that status, and most of the people in CA who know how to really fight, live inland.

    5. Face it. Much of the CA population are low energy, freeloading, drug-addles sacks of shit who are in now way, shape, nor form ready for the kind of privation they’ll be subject to once CA goes rogue and the federal government cuts off water from the Colorado & food shipments from out of state. The whiny pricks will start up with their marches and bullshit right away, and they will be shocked at the brutality showered on them by Governor Brown and his merry band of communist motherfuckers.

    6. The CA separatists will try to form a strategic allegiance with China will will immediately make that state subject to a full on invasion by loyal US forces, and their permanent subjugation as a US territory, no longer a state and no longer trusted to be a state.

  6. Tax credits for businesses, defense contractors, and employed citizens moving out of CA. Also, I doubt those who’d be left in a seceded CA have a clue how miserable it would be to depend on another country for their water. This is a tantrum.

  7. As much it could do for the United States, I think this is another Hollywood nocturnal emission. Giving up their electoral votes would cause the remaining ‘Rats to really freak out. Nice.

  8. Every leftist POS dirtbag currently residing in California can move anywhere else on the planet they want to and wherever some retarded country will allow them too they just cannot take the dirt with them the US of A owns that lock stock and barrel!

  9. The new country of California will be beholden to the US since it gets a good chunk of it’s water across state lines.
    I think that we should do all we can to encourage their departure–hell, we’ll let them keep the military bases but we keep the hardware and personnel.
    By all means, bitches–sign those petitions!

  10. It will end the same way as with the Sioux seceding from the US a while back.
    Frantic calls to state officials wondering where the snowplows are, and what do you mean they aren’t coming?

  11. The last time they tried this, a little conflict called the US CIVIL WAR was fought. Much bloodshed. This time, build a wall keeping them out of the USA, and remove their congress critters. Cancel any visas, stop the rocky mountain western slope water flows from reaching CA, and let them deal with their own bankruptcies, Moonbeams, Pelosis, Feinsteins, Hollywoodettes, Mexicans, and earthquakes. Most major businesses have left that God-forsaken pile of irrigated desert, taxed and environmentally run out of business.

  12. From the source:

    “There’s also the matter that America (and American voters) would have to agree to let California leave.”

    And some wonder why Hillary’s loss was a surprise.

  13. So these dumbfux want to become an independent nation? And they also want 1.3 trillion in foreign aid over the next 10 years? I suppose they want the rest of the country just to forfeit ALL of the FEDERAL LAND from parks to military bases?

    It would probably be worth while to declare martial law in Calif and strip their government STATE and FEDERAL level

  14. There are some like me trapped behind enemy lines. I’m hoping the other 49 will come to our rescue and run the Devils out and restore California to the great American state we once were. My one vote is drowned out by freaks and illegals, I’m not sure how to fight it, maybe a civil war is needed.

  15. I could see a SoCalexit, Hell I’d even help em shove off.(Titanic II). But the north state stays proudly in place as one of the fifty. The Great State of Jefferson folks

  16. These morons: all federal employees in the state will lose their jobs; it will be interesting to see what law enforcement/fire fighters do that have taken an ‘oath’; currency will have to be exchanged since it will be a foreign country; visas will have to be required to travel to the 49 states of the U.S.; Ports of entry on all roads in/out will be required for Oregon, Nevada & Utah; tariffs; failure for the U.S. to trade with and on & on.

    Yet another snowtard tantrum. Locked and loaded.

  17. This is great theater. People seem to think that if a majority of Californians vote for secession then California will be leaving the United States and a new country will be formed. Wrong. Waay wrong. California ain’t going nowhere regardless of how people vote. It doesn’t matter if secession gets 100% support in California, the federal government is not going to surrender 2/3 of the countrys western coastline plus umpteen military bases, critical military bases, because fruitloop Californians are throwing a temper tantrum. Manifest Destiny was all about extending the American empire from coast to coast, for which the Mexicans and the Native American Indians paid dearly, and the USA is not going give up that empire. Is not going to happen. A bunch of southern states can tell you what happens when you get too pushy. But, whatever. They can have a vote. Make some noise. Have fun but they better not get carried away because they will lose.

  18. “will be interesting to see what law enforcement/fire fighters do that have taken an ‘oath’;”

    Lets just say I know for a fact you and I won’t be the only ones make a mess on the Capital Steps.

  19. @DS
    You are exactly right, it’s a sideshow like standing on the road with a bunch of people blocking traffic. (Look how mad we are). Next up they are going to hold their breath untill we cry uncle.

  20. T,
    Nope. They are convince the eighth larges economy of any nation can survive on it’s own. They’re not smart enough to figure the dollar volume of Federal Contracts companies in California (those that are left) take part in. It’s lunacy to the nth degree. But they are totally serious. They also forgot the California economy at one point was number three of any Nation.

  21. When do we vote to remove all the liberals from California? I suggest they go to Venezuela and
    leave the conservatives to run the state. There are many conservatives here but illegal votes make it impossible to get rid of liberals.

  22. Are they going to raise an army to defend their borders? Since lefty’s hate the military who will serve? Will they have to have the draft?
    There needs to be consequences for this nonsense. Trump needs to declare war (figuratively) on cal and send in the troops to arrest every left wing politician at every level.

  23. Sorry … that’s like Harry Reid retiring … or Nancy Pelosi threatening to drop dead … no problem here … take NYC and Chicago with ya!
    And Detroit!
    And St. Louis!
    And Gary!
    And Washington!
    And Oregano!

    It’s like threatening to cut the anchor off a drowning man!

    “… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

    izlamo delenda est …

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