California approves massive $183.2 billion budget



Yesterday state lawmakers approved a $183.2 billion budget which Governor Brown is expected to sign before the new fiscal year starts on July 1.

Here’s a bit of it:

  • School spending will go up 4.2% to $74.5 billion
  • UC funding will increase by $131.2 million
  • Cal State gets an additional $162.3 million
  • Dam rules will be strengthened
  • The shady bill to make recall timelines longer was approved, a direct result of Josh Newman
  • $546 million in tobacco tax money will be used to reimburse doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers
  • Nearly $50 million will go to expanded legal services for illegal aliens

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8 Comments on California approves massive $183.2 billion budget

  1. $50 million for illegal (legal) services? Sounds more like a $50 million slush fund for lawyers who will launder the money by resending a good chuck of it back to the Democrats in California or wherever it is needed for Dems running for office nationally. Who is that fooling?

  2. Socialist California, regulate and destroy business, reduce freedoms, tax the shit out of those who work, social give aways for users, losers & abusers, fund and protect “illegal” immigrants….all the while Brown’s government spends money like they’ve got it.

  3. Sigh! More crap from the commiecrats. I wish Sessions would go after this corrupt bunch of maggots and their illegal cousins. Brown has to be one of the biggest assholes in political history.

  4. Just wait until the Legislature starts talking about how to fund the Single-Payer Health Plan.


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