California: Libertarian Candidate for Governor Wants to Make the State Self-Reliant

PanAmPost: Though the United States is suffering from bipartisan disagreement on every level of government, one candidate has risen up with a notably unconventional style that doesn’t align with Republicans or Democrats. His name is Nickolas Wildstar, and he wants to return the power of the political class to where it belongs: with the people.

Wildstar is running for Governor of California as a Libertarian. In an exclusive interview with PanAm Post, which has been lightly edited, he explained what changes he wants to implement if he wins office.

Governor Wildstar will be the “no-nonsense” leader Californians have been waiting for. (/PanAm Post)

The Fight for Liberty

The term “liberal” has been increasingly tied to “progressives” on the left. Far from promoting liberty, leftists have actually normalized censorship and government intervention.

“Thankfully, the root word of liberal is ‘liber,’ meaning free, which is also in Libertarian — the political party that I am running as a candidate for,” Wildstar explained. “The party’s slogan is ‘Minimize Government, Maximize Freedom.’”

Because the progressive movement is popular among college students, Wildstar said he plans to target policies related to the high cost of tuition. While politicians have often looked to subsidies from the state as a solution, Wildstar said that competition in the market can lower prices more effectively and provide more options than regulation.  more

16 Comments on California: Libertarian Candidate for Governor Wants to Make the State Self-Reliant

  1. He’ll get smeared all to hell and go down in flames, but then Hollywood will make a movie about his candidacy, portraying him as a good prog who was done in by the California GOP power structure.

  2. There’s usually a dozen or more weirdos and wackos. I will vote for anybody who is the opposite of jerky brown.

  3. Does the governor of California actually have “a pen and a phone”? Or is the job description just Ambassador to Hollywood?

  4. The odds are long against him, but if any state is to elect a Libertarian governor, it’s California. I wish him well – what he proposes to do, and why he’s proposing to do it, is all for the good.

  5. “exclusive interview with PanAm Post, which has been lightly edited,”

    What the heck does that mean? Why can’t you publish the interview as is? Does he say something you don’t like, so you had to change it, or are you just fixing sentence formation issues?

    Why should anyone trust that you didn’t just re-write everything he said?

  6. The problem is that a Libertarian candidate in any election will draw votes away from a Republican candidate. This fellow may be the second coming of Ronald Reagan but if it’s a close race and there is no Green party candidate to draw from the Democrat that 1%, 2%, or 3% of the Libertarian vote gives the Democrat the win. If he’s that good then maybe people should try to persuade him to run for the GOP.

  7. Everything sounds well and good but after listening to part of a Rap album he has linked at his site I’m not about to jump on his Band, or should I say, Rap-Wagon.
    But then, how could he be any worse than what they have now? I mean, you’d have to go some and have a REALY big excavator to dig the hole California is in any deeper.

  8. If I were him I’d frame today’s political situation as a slavery issue. Explain to working young people and (legal) immigrants how their labor is siphoned off in the form of taxes to pay for their overlord government workers’ pensions and benefits. You can also include retired peoples medicare and social security.

  9. @JustAl January 20, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    The problem I have with the Libertarians is their insistence that “If we get people to stop bothering the government for ‘stuff’, the government will stop bothering the people for ‘stuff'”.


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