California Makes 20x What Gas-Station Owners Make on a Gallon of Gasoline, After Tax Hike

California’s gasoline tax rose by 12 cents per gallon on Nov. 1, bringing it to nearly 40 cents per gallon.
Intellectual Takeout: California drivers experienced sticker shock at the gas pump on Nov. 1. The state’s gasoline tax rose by 12 cents per gallon that day, bringing the total to 39.8 cents. Along with the federal gas tax of 18.4 cents, Californians now pay 58.2 cents in excise taxes per gallon. Like all other states with sales taxes, California “taxes the tax” by applying the combined local and state sales tax, which ranges from 7.25 to 9.75 percent, on top of the gasoline tax.

The average price of regular unleaded gas is now $3.02 per gallon, meaning that federal and state taxes represent about 20 percent of the retail price. That’s considerably more than gas-station owners’ 2-cents-per-gallon gross profit.

It only gets worse: on July 1, 2019, the state tax will go up another 7.5 cents, bringing the combined state and federal excise tax to 65.7 cents per gallon.  more here

21 Comments on California Makes 20x What Gas-Station Owners Make on a Gallon of Gasoline, After Tax Hike

  1. Not just Gas or Diesel. I drive a diesel by the way and I’m running out of KY. I also picked up that nasty habit of chewing tobacco. My choice, my bad. But still my choice, my freedom. I started chewing when I was 18 or 19. A can of Cope costs 89 cents then. It’s now over $8.00. All taxes. All from the state with the highest poverty level. Could we be running out of other peoples money? I think so.

  2. Holy crap, $8.00 for a can of Copenhagen? Here’s something funny, every rent-a-car in Anchorage smells like Copenhagen. They either use Copenhagen air freshener or they don’t clean their cars. It drives me nuts.

  3. Buy the KY Jelly in 55 gallon drum lots: it’s way cheaper that way.

    Oh, wait. You might have been talking about the state of Kentucky. My bad. 😆

  4. Kaliphornia will never reach its ultimate goal of no carbon fired vehicles. Tax away. There is no tipping point for the citizenry. Nobody will ever leave our rape room state. You will take it and enjoy it. Or keep your mouth shut.

    Such a sick sick sick state. I used to love it.
    Now it’s Europe. Never to return. Ugh.

  5. joe6pak

    My impression is they will be tweeted. Q Anon requests retweet to the max. I can only think of one network that would report them. FOX.

  6. Brad,

    California Chemistry Tip of the Day: If you brew your own Biodiesel from vegetable oil, the primary waste product will be Glycerin, the primary lubrication ingredient in KY…

  7. Kali Refugee in Texas…

    California started tracking those Bio Diesel Kits about 5 years ago. California is currently tracking where the cooking fat from fast food restaurants go.

  8. They have been for a couple years. You can’t be having that McDonalds French Fry smell rolling out of your diesel now. It might harm the environment. I’m curious where that shit goes now actually.

  9. So, I have 2 Indian casinos within 5 miles of me and they do not pay the California 12+ tax on gasoline. Nor do they have those emission nozzles on their pumps. This is great! Everyone who is privy to this buys their gas from the injuns. Works for me!

  10. Roman V

    I think that would require “rendering”. That would cause global warming. I’m sure theirs some hole in the ground they pour it into.

  11. Goldenfoxx, not only that, but Indian casinos are among the most likely places to find ethanol free gas and diesel.

  12. I need to put a larger auxiliary tank on my truck so I won’t have to fuel up in CA, next time I am forced to drive through there.

  13. Margaret Thatcher warned them.
    Socialism only works until you
    run out of OPM. CA is now the
    highest poverty rate State per
    the Fed bean counters. 1 in 5 poor.

  14. Dang that greedy Big Oil! They want lower taxes so they can rip off the People. Thank you, California for saving us from earth-destroying capitalism!


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