California: Meet Some Prop. 57 Early Release Inmates

CPR: We extensively chronicled how the Prop. 57 campaign was sold on the lie that only “non-violent” criminals would be released early from their lawfully imposed state prison terms. The decision on who gets the early release is now in the hands of the Board of Parole, whose release decisions show an appalling disregard of fact and reality. Some examples of these early release decisions are highlighted below.

Paul Karl Anderson — With a criminal history that begins in 1981, and included felony convictions for assault and thefts, Anderson upped the ante in 1995 when he robbed a bank with a weapon and then held a hostage upon being tracked down by federal marshals.  The Board of Parole granted early release from the sentence imposed for his bank robbery/hostage taking because they determined Anderson does not “pose an unreasonable risk of violence to the community.”

Rodney Hansen — This inmate’s current prison stint results from a conviction for threatening his ex-girlfriend by tossing a knife at her feet, then threatening to kill both himself and her. Prior convictions since 2007 included possession of a firearm and residential burglary. Nonetheless, the Board of Parole found this inmate should be released early because he does not “pose an unreasonable risk of violence to the community.”  read more 

13 Comments on California: Meet Some Prop. 57 Early Release Inmates

  1. We Californians really need to surrender our guns now so that we can welcome these reformed felons to a peaceful neighborhood

  2. its so much worse than that. Most perps plea bargain down so there is no real way of knowing how violent a convict may or may not be.

    These libtards live in isolated worlds where their wet dreams do not affect them. Which is to say- they are safe in their gated communities so who cares if the peasants see a spike in crime- violent or not. I hate them… I do hate them.

  3. Am I supposed to act surprised??
    California has turned into the banana republic of North America where the entire state is for sale to the lowest bidder.
    The criminals are the ruling body, the Constitution is irrelevant and common sense has been cast aside like the 3rs in the educational system.

  4. Ah, the house that liberalism built. What joyful bliss you poor unfortunate souls. Time to let California split in two. Sane folks their disserve better.

  5. Surrender guns
    Don’t want higher taxes eh? We will release violent felons on the street with you.

    Government is consistent: Can’t vett people coming in, can’t vett people going out.

  6. Obviously they think these potential parolees present quite a reasonable risk of violence. So happy to know what their threshold is.

  7. David Burge
    If you’ve got a billion dollars, there’s no better place to live than California; if you’ve got a million dollars there’s no worse place to live than California

  8. Kurt Schlichter wrote two books showing the possible future of CA; PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC and INDIAN COUNTRY. They actually are about the ‘Blue’ states. Super reading.


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