California: Muslim immigrant [honor] kills two daughters following custody dispute

Creeping Sharia: American mother Amy Hunter arrived at a parking lot near her home in West Sacramento on New Year’s Eve to pick up her daughters, Sara, 9 and Sophie, 12, only to find them dying beside the corpse of their father.

The car was parked at the designated drop-off point for the girls, near West Sacramento’s City Hall in the US.

The victims’ parents had been involved in a custody battle for years, reported Sacramento Bee.

The two girls were later declared dead by West Sacramento Police in a murder-suicide by their father, Hamdy Rouin, 46, a Tunisian immigrant who was also found dead in the car.

The mother described her ex-husband Rouin as an abusive man and heavy drinker who had hit her, and threatened her to take the girls away to Tunisia, according to read more

21 Comments on California: Muslim immigrant [honor] kills two daughters following custody dispute

  1. Thers no honor in killing two children. Just kill yourself and let the others live in peace.stupid muzzie thought he was macho and getting even with his wife.may he burn in hell for ever..

  2. He sounds like a moderate muslim. Typical coward. There can be no punishment to fit his crime. Pure evil feels no pain.

  3. Some woman like to tempt fate by
    marrying “bad guys”. Most Muslim
    men are taught to consider women
    very expendable so they meet that
    definition. This is a result.

  4. The local “news” liars pushed this as just another domestic dispute. In 3 days never did give the girls cause of death and only mentioned muslim in passing. This collusion with America’s enemies is the presses biggest shame in their history. I don’t understand this mentality of favoring and protecting something that will destroy a way of life. I want to see newsreaders replaced with aliens. See how they like it.

  5. man alive these idiots are truly from the Dark Ages…..and to think Democrats will concede to Sharia law to pick up a couple votes….brain dead morons

  6. At least the sob offed himself — any ?religion? that values death over freedom of choice is not a religion but rather a cult.

    This so called “religion of peace” is nothing but man-made b_llshyte masquerading as a religion.

    Treat the same as any other faith practice – if it violates the rule of law then squash it.

  7. 💔 FAMILY COURT💔 is BAR-NONE the worst of any court in America.

    ⚫ The worst parent usually gets custody, regardless of evidence.

    ⚫ Court doesn’t enforce its own rule b/c it knows desperate parents will pay through-the-nose for attorneys to save their kids from whatever hell the court hands down.

    ⚫ Guardian ad litems pick favorites and ignore facts, lie / exaggerate to the judge.

    ⚫ You have to DE NOVO everything to the judge b/c the commissioner is so stupid and corrupt you don’t need to even bother showing up for a hearing b/c they are going to decide against you anyway.

    ⚫ One side demands a PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION as a means of harassing the other parent, and the courts of course go along with this charade.

    ⚫ One side or both gets a restraining order against the other to prove abuse when it’s just revenge.

    ⚫ Woman hits herself with a hammer and calls the police to get future child custody.

    💥 Father makes child do homework, “He’s abusive and demanding!”
    💥 Father doesn’t make child do homework, “He’s abusive and neglectful!”

    Family friend is a family court attorney, and she has see everything and told us the craziness that goes on.
    And if he wasn’t MUSLIM I would understand his frustration, but never take it out on the kids when there are so many abusers in the system. Look at Rosie O’donnell’s ex-spouse? She got so sick of the bullshit, she at least did the most honorable thing in the situation and killed only herself.

  8. This guy was crazy 😜! Nothing to do with the religion of peace ✌️. 😉 wink wink nod nod. Aloha Snack Bar

  9. I really hate to say it, but going back to Tunisia with him would have been a fate worse than death for these poor girls. The mother probably knew this.

  10. Sorry. No compassion for the broad. Too bad about the kids, but you wanted it, lady.

    Reason #2,403,304 why women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. This woman sowed the wind, now she reaps the whirlwind.

    Too Bad, so sad…get out.

  11. @Odin, let me get this straight: she marries the wrong guy, he kills the kids … and it’s *women* who shouldn’t vote? I think you need to reexamine your premise.

  12. That’s the major difference between Progs and Muzzies, at least muzzies wait until after their children are born to kill them!

    Come to think of it, that’s about the ONLY difference!

  13. What the phuck kind of sick mother phucker kills his on children. He needs to be tortured then executed pronto.

  14. I don’t think this had much to do with Islam or with Honor killings. You can read all about Honor killings with Hindu’s, Moslems, Sihks, India as a whole because of the caste system and even as far back as ancient Rome, Aztecs and Inca’s as well. Usually the victim in this vile practice though is the wife or grown daughter that “dishonored the family” and children this young. It sounds like this guy killed his kids then himself not out of any sense of honor but of rage and mental illness (family annihilator) that he managed to hide. Such a sad story.


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