California Touches the Third Rail- Prosecutes a Guy For Hate Speech

They claim his comments on a public Facebook forum is akin to making repeated phone calls when told to stop.


In September 2016, Mark Feigin posted five insulting comments on the Islamic Center of Southern California’s Facebook page (before he was finally blocked by the ICSC from commenting):

  • “THE TERROR HIKE … SOUNDS LIKE FUN” (written in response to the Center’s “Sunset Hike” announcement).
  • “Islam is dangerous – fact: the more muslim savages we allow into america – the more terror we will see -this is a fact which is undeniable.”
  • “Filthy muslim shit has no place in western civilization.”

California is now prosecuting him for posting these comments, on the theory that they violate Cal. Penal Code § 653m(b):

Every person who, with intent to annoy or harass, makes repeated telephone calls or makes repeated contact by means of an electronic communication device … to another person is … guilty of a misdemeanor. Nothing in this subdivision shall apply to telephone calls or electronic contacts made in good faith or during the ordinary course and scope of business.



19 Comments on California Touches the Third Rail- Prosecutes a Guy For Hate Speech

  1. Many of California’s laws HARASS people on the Right.
    Time for a Class Action suit against California!

    Alinsky #4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.“

  2. As a disciple of the Holy Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I hereby demand that the State of California prosecute any and all non-believers who make hateful remarks about and cast doubt upon the legitimacy of my religion in social media.

    In His Noodly Name, Amen.

  3. I nominate Alyssa Milano for the next Hollywood jerk to make into a scapegoat.

    But, no. This law does not really apply to Hollywood limousine liberals, does it.

    Or maybe Cher. Or Ashley Judd.

  4. @moochoman: And a pun you. Let us prey:

    “Oh Penne which art in Colander, meaty be thy balls. Thy pasta come, thy sauce be yum, in Marinara as it is in Alfredo. Give us this day our daily garlic bread, and forgive us pirates our trespasses, as we forgive them pirates that trespass against us. And lead us into temptation, and deliver us some pizza. R’Amen.”


  5. @Jugeroybean January 1, 2018 at 5:02 am

    > Uh,yeah. About that First Amendment thingy…

    I thought taking up arms to overthrow the federal constitution was what patriots do?

  6. Finally, a state jumping in to defend the precious feelings of muslims! Maybe now ALL muslims throughout the other 49 states (or is it 57?) will move to California to practice “the religion of peace”, and leave the rest of us alone.

  7. California isn’t going far enough – this guy must be executed and then tried for thought crime. Leaving insulting comments on a Facebook public page will lead to other criminal speech like criticizing the exalted leader’s train to nowhere or questioning our modern politburos’ plan to replace the middle class with more malleable and politically reliable illegal aliens.

    Ever since Hillary Clinton won less than 115% of the popular vote in California, it has been decided to double down on punishments for those who question their rulers. Our beach front dachas must not be put in jeopardy.

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