California’s Medicaid/CHIP Enrollees Outnumber Populations of 44 States

( – The number of people enrolled in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in California alone exceeds the total populations of 44 of the other states of the union, according to data published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Census Bureau.

As of Jan. 1, 2014, states joining Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion could enroll people in the federal-state program under new, relaxed eligibility requirements. California was one of those states.

In the fall of 2013, the Obamacare exchanges opened to enroll people in health insurance plans for 2014.

The average number of Medicaid/CHIP enrollees in California in July-September 2013—the last quarter before the Obamacare exchanges opened–was 7,755,381, according to CMS.

By November 2016, the latest month for which CMS numbers are available, the number of Medicaid/CHIP enrollees in California was 12,209,605.  MORE

15 Comments on California’s Medicaid/CHIP Enrollees Outnumber Populations of 44 States

  1. Gee, are people in California really that poor? Maybe so many of them lost their medical insurance with the advent of Obamacare that they were forced onto the government rolls. Not a very glowing example of the success of Obamacare. I wonder if they are checking for valid citizenship? Probably not as that could open a very, very large can of worms in a number of areas. What the hell, maybe the State is due a little luck and Jerry Brown will have a stroke.

  2. Dianny,
    Believe me, given the chance they will. Simple math and common sense mean little to these idiots. If I hear one more time “We are the 6th largest economy in the world” I’m going to shit twinkies. I know a few clowns that are all for this. If you ask them what percentage of that economy come from the United States Federal Government in the form of military contracts and how do you plan or replacing it. Blank Stares. It’s all what FEELS GOOD to these idiots. I hope they do it.

  3. the merc FEBRUARY 17, 2017 AT 11:33 AM “Anyone getting govt money should not be eligible to vote”
    I guess you didn’t see all the soc sec recip at Trump rallies. He wouldn’t have won without them.

  4. A non a moose — All that Social Security money that is sent back to retiree recipients were EARNED during that person’s lifetime. Social Security is NOT an entitlement, it is OUR fucking Money, earned during our working lives. (FICA TAX — look at your paycheck stub, if you have one!)

    I would rather NOT have paid it over the course of my working life. It would be so much more now, than handing it over to the government for them to squander.
    The cherry on top — That Social Security is taxed during your working life (during the year that you earned it), and then again when you get it back – after age 65+, and you have to report it as income. Get your facts right, Numbnuts!

  5. I’d bet that 90% of those people are illegal aliens. They get free everything – food, education, healthcare, housing, etc. – while the destitute US citizen White people are living in the riverbeds, under a tarp, starving to death, or drowning in floods.

    Every Democrat in California belongs at the end of a rope.

  6. It’s worse than that. 9% of people on California Medicaid cannot supply an SSN. That is the highest rate of missing beneficiary SSNs in all states by a factor of two.

  7. Well well well, we now have some hard data to throw at the CA supporters. If they say they are not getting their fare share, we should demand that they receive less in Medicare-Medicaid payments. That and if the CA Medicare/Medicaid population is getting larger and bigger than the populations of 44 states? Explain that.

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