Can the terminally ill postpone their deaths?

We’ve all heard it, or have witnessed it, ourselves at some point. A person who was supposed to die manages to live long enough to enjoy the holidays with the family. The observation is so common that they’ve done studies on whether a person can postpone their death or not.  More


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  1. Going on my 7th year as a hospice nurse. I’ve seen this manifest in so many different ways, not just the holidays.

    The one that stands out most for me was a couple I cared for in Illinois. She had dementia, he had cancer. He should have passed 6 months prior, seriously he was just plain shot through with widespread metastatic disease. His scans were unbelievable.

    But he loved his sweetheart and couldn’t bear the thought of her ever wondering where he was, so he held on.

    When I could tell she was imminent, I had to tell him. He simply nodded. She passed the next morning. He passed 28 hours after she did.

    It’s been about 5 years, and telling about it still makes me cry.

  2. My Dad was in ICU and getting ready to go to Hospice…..He was barely awake and mostly sleeping….The doctors and nurses came in and said he had 4 maybe 5 days, he woke up and said “no, 9 Days”……..He died at 1 am on the ninth day…..January 29th 2010…..Don’t get me started on his view of Heaven and Dogs being in Heaven, Ginger was waiting for him and he knew it!!!!!…..

  3. Under the right circumstances, the dying muster strength to hang in there. Dad was dying. All but one child at bedside. Dad waited til military sent last child home. When the whole shebang was there, he accepted the Lord’s invitation to come home. Comatose 24 hours. Sprang up in bed, pointed to the ceiling and said “Look mother, isn’t she beautiful?” Never woke up.

  4. I had a good friend Uncle Bob, who had to care hand and foot for his old Hawaiian blue eyed and Stubborn as they come mother. Well Auntie Girly finally got called by old age and passed in the hospital one summer night. That evening I took Bob out to dinner and drinks, we went hard and got in late then Bob calls me at 8 AM and says Mom came back to life.
    This happened once more were she came back from Dead, Girly did finally Pass and we Scattered her here and Hawaii !

  5. My mother passed away the day before this past Thanksgiving. My father told me on the phone the other night that he wouldn’t be here much longer. “She was my whole life and I was only hanging on for her” he said. Oh how I hope he’s wrong.

  6. H2N2. So grateful for people who put their lives on hold for those about to lose theirs. Secretly admire younger sister for same reason. Every once in awhile something inside says it’s time to stroll through National Cemetery, Rosary in hand. So many graves with hubby and sweet heart going home within months of each other.

  7. Stayed with Mom for several months caring for her. Things changed quickly. She told me she wanted my youngest brother to come. He drove 8 1/2 hours to be with her. She passed peacefully 2 hours later.

    I have no doubt she waited for her youngest son to arrive. It was meant to be.

  8. My Grandmother was on her deathbed on my father’s birthday… After about 8pm, she started periodically asking my Uncle for the time. She relaxed after she made it to midnight, and passed shortly after 1am.

  9. Happened with my aunt. All the family had been called, and we each got to spend time with her. My oldest brother was the last to get to the hospital. My aunt died shortly after my brother saw her.

  10. ” A man who becomes conscious of the responsibility he bears toward a human being who affectionately waits for him, or to an unfinished work, will never be able to throw away his life. He knows the ‘why’ for his existence, and will be able to bear almost any ‘how.’ ” – Victor Frankl

    My youngest brother died at 48y.o. in a hospice, blind & partially paralyzed following several strokes. It’s amazing how people can cling to life when they have a strong sense of responsibility to take care of they’re family. And only let go when assured they’ll be ok.

  11. My Aunt was not even supposed to live until the end of the year. (2015) They thought for sure she would die in the summer, she was so bad off.

    Nope. She had one last Christmas in her, and she died the following February. But mainly because she refused medical treatment and food, otherwise, she may have lived longer, but she had had enough hospital trips and suffering, and she pulled her own plug so-to-speak.

  12. I was hoping to hang on long enough to see the end of World War II, but Eleanor was such a pain in the ass, I said “Screw it. Truman can put up with that bitch. He’s a Southern Baptist; he deserves her.”

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