Car Runs into pack of people in London – They’re Calling It An Islamophobic Attack


A man is shown being arrested near Finsbury Park after his car drove into people, claimed to be Muslims. The incident happened outside a mosque near Seven Sisters Road. According to reports, people were leaving Finsbury Park Mosque when a driver crashed into them.

According to one witness, bystanders confronted the driver and held him until the police came. According to the BBC, one person has been arrested and “a number of casualties” have been confirmed.

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  1. Well turn about is fair play, however this is not at all what they are reporting on FOX. Either FOX jumped the gun or this is a great cover up.

  2. Well, if it was some Christian Londoner out for revenge, look Fing out. It will bring the fanatical Muzzies out of the wood work. Maybe here too.

  3. Why is it that all I can do is chuckle?

    I hope to be doing a lot more chuckling soon. Tomorrow is good. Happy Ramalamadingdong everyone.

  4. I Despise the Sound Of Muslims, Especialy when They Play like They’ve been Wronged !!! Even if We Imprisoned (not first choice) all of them , We would’nt be Wrong.

  5. How fitting would it be if this turned out to be a relative of someone killed by Muzzie violence and how would the media treat that scenario.

    Let’s get it on.

  6. If this driver is sober and not a brand of Islam that hates the brand of Islam that came out of that mosque and he is not a Hindi out for revenge for past genocide attempts on his people nor is he a Buddhist who is out for revenge for all the monks decapitated but rather a John Bull Church of England type than all I have to say is he is even smaller than a “tiny minority”.

    The mayor of London need only give a T.V. interview stating that London is a big town, its the year 2017 and these things just happen and it has nothing to do with religion.

    Oh I should add if he did not have a seizure. A few years back here in Denver a driver plowed right into a policeman during a BLM. It was swept under the rug with the driver just had a seizure. Never had them before but just happened to have one on that day and into a cop. I’m just venting now.

  7. See, what did I tell you? If those worthless, inbred, lazy, unskilled, illiterate, ungrateful, blood thirsty, career criminal, brain washed followers of Satan never left their birth place shit holes, this would not have happened.

  8. One of the comments on Heavy:
    “Just “part and parcel of living in a big city”. Flowers and candles solved the previous attacks, they will work here too.”

  9. Doc

    Or a couple Indy Cars. You can make several passes before the severed ankles and those cheap tire tread sandles plug up the front air damn.

  10. After sweeping so much under the rug, is it any wonder?
    The authorities shouldn’t have worried about being called names. Now they may have a full blown war on their hands.

  11. seriously, this is ridiculous … it’s 3:30 Monday morning in Londinistan & there are hundreds of male (assuming)dipwads milling around, talking into their phones …. doesn’t anyone need to go to work in the morning in Londinistan?

  12. An idea – we need to start a candle company and market to those who think candles are the answer to terrorism. Just think how much money we could make off England, France and Germany.

    @MJA, probably a different Pisslamic sect or disgruntled mosque members.

  13. From BNI, the mosque nearby is an extremist, salfist mosque. Peaceful my arse.

    ‘The mosque had just let out after taraweeh — special, hour-long Ramadan prayers. The salafist Finsbury Park mosque has previously been in the news as having been the home of famed hate preacher Abu Hamza Al Masri, as well as having 9/11 attacker Zacarias Moussaoui and shoe bomber Richard Reid as attendees.”

  14. We have our own islamaphobia murder this morning here in the states. If you read the story closely, something weird about the time the girls left the mosque after Ramadan prayers. I know this stretch of highway well and no girls of any age should be there.
    Plus the perp may not fit C.A.I.R.’s preferred script.

  15. … on another note … US jets just shot down a Syrian jet that was going after US allied Syrian forces …. DJT don’t take no shit

  16. The guy driving the truck is an f-tard no matter how you cut it. In no particular order:
    * he just handed the Religion of the perpetually offended the “moral get out of jail free card”. Muzzie apologist will cite this as the excuse for any future muzzie attack.
    * The same apologists will use this a proof of the actual discrimination as an excuse for all previous muzzie attacks.
    * this guy is going to wish the UK had the death penalty because when he gets to prison the muzzies there are going to make Tommy Robinson’s time look like an episode of Romper Room in comparison to what they are going to do to him. If they only just beat him to death he will be lucky.

    This guy needs to quote Duke at the end of Repo Man about how society made him do it and pray to god they send him to the nut house.

    Please oh please may he never have been an EDL memeber.

  17. I have mixed feelings on this. The people hit may or may not have been innocent muslim believers. I can also understand people are getting frustrated by their government not only failing to protect them but continuously doing the very things that are getting them killed. They let more and more of these terrorists in. the government suppresses free speech by declaring anything anti muslim as “Hate speech.” What does the government expect. Our country isn’t much better at this point.

  18. Oh, C’MON, Pelopidas.
    You’re arguing that The Crusades were to blame for fanning the muslim anger way back when…NONSENSE!

    If muzzies don’t like being on the receiving end, they should damn well have thought about that earlier.

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