“Cash Me Outside” Girl Pays Off Mom’s Mortgage

Danielle Bergoli became an overnight sensation in 2016 after an appearance on Dr. Phil with her mother. The then 13-year-old was in trouble with the law for stealing her mom’s car and purse, but made her reputation as the big talking streetwise tough  when she called Dr. Phil’s audience “hoes” and challenging them to “cash her outside” when they nervously laughed at her antics.

Now, a rapper using the pseudonym “Bhad Bhabie,” Danielle appears to have gotten on the right side of the law and made enough in record sales to give her mom a check for $65,000 to pay off the mortgage on the house.  More

24 Comments on “Cash Me Outside” Girl Pays Off Mom’s Mortgage

  1. No strings attached, I’m sure. I would never accept it. Too much power shift in the household but it would appear that ship has sailed a long time ago

  2. Yes, and all the wanna-be rapper street ferals will smell money and relieve the little whore of it ALL before she’s 18….because she thought she was cool now. She’ll be broke and pregnant in 2 years. Nice life move.

  3. I don’t know whether to be touched or appalled. It’s hard to give Danielle credit for something so heavily Autotuned that she sounds like the Chipmunks younger sister.

  4. My guess would be fetal alcohol syndrome. She seems only mildly retarded. It’s nice that they were able to mainstream her into society.

  5. This girl has made all sorts of money simply by being a teenage jerk on YouTube. More power to her, but I don’t expect her to be able to hang onto it.
    Pewty Pie is the top YouTube earner, tens of millions every year for several years. Incredible to me, but again he has earned it by creating a new entertainment niche. I hope he has the sense to hang onto it.


    All those screwed up brats have daddy issues. Look at Miley Cyrus? A push-over father that is more like a dad in the friend-zone than an actual father.

    Yep. Time to re-think how important males are in society now that it’s clear it’s a train-wreck without them.


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