Blacktivists in Detroit Blame Democrats for Violence

July 25, 2015 Cardigan 8

RedStatements- Black activists got angry when the Detroit Police Chief James Craig called the people responsible for shooting 12 people on a playground killing one of them urban terrorists.  They complained about the insult and want him to apologize.  Craig refused to back down and [Read More]

It’s This Guy

July 25, 2015 BFH 26

Charles Ebbets preparing for his “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” photograph in 1932. He is perched on the 69th floor of the GE building.

McKinney Pool Party Organizers Now Face Eviction

July 25, 2015 BFH 17

TheLastRefuge– On June 5th the McKinney Texas pool party mob at the Craig Ranch sub-division was organized by 20-year-old Tatyana Rhodes, and her mother LaShana Burks.  The incident erupted in National 24/7 Headlines for several weeks.  Story HERE and HERE We decided to research the real story of what took place, and we discovered how [Read More]

‘The heat is getting to everybody’

July 25, 2015 Cardigan 12

IndependentSentinel- Hillary Clinton knows why her email scandal is blowing up – it’s the heat. That’s what she said, the heat is getting to everybody. The New York Times reported last night that the DOJ was possibly investigating Hillary Clinton criminally for using her private [Read More]

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