The Red Pill – Documentary About the Men’s Rights Movement

January 17, 2016 BFH 7

Telegraph – Cassey Jaye began the process as a feminist, but she ended up not only sympathising with the MRAs, but fundamentally questioning the “aggressive” ethos of modern feminism. For her efforts, she says she has been smeared, threatened with “career suicide” and even saw her funding [Read More]

Flint, Declared a Disaster Area

January 17, 2016 Dr. Tar 18

The city that gave the world Chevrolets, Buicks and Michael Moore, has been declared to be in a “state of emergency” and now qualifies to receive federal disaster assistance for 90 days. Unlike other communities that suffer from a natural disaster, Flint, MI did it to [Read More]

Sanders Flip Flops On Gun Manufacturer Immunity Bill

January 17, 2016 BFH 10

Bernie Sanders says he’ll now back measures that allow gun manufacturers to be vulnerable to lawsuits filed by people who blame them rather than the people who did them wrong with a gun. Watch out Louisville Slugger. Whoever is making those scimitars better lawyer up.

She’s No Nick Drake

January 17, 2016 BFH 22

People have a fadination fascination with discovering music that’s been long buried or, in this case, never discovered. It has a different sort of appeal, like opening a time capsule. The latest discovery is Connie Converse, who disappeared, coincidentally, the same year as Nick Drake, [Read More]


January 16, 2016 BFH 22

I still don’t know the outcome. Under Review. Green Bay was humped on an interference no call on their last drive. They deserve this. UPDATE: Touchdown. Going to overtime. What a playoff game. Update: Cardinals win in three plays in overtime. Anti-climatic finish compared to [Read More]

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