Austrian president suggests all women wear hijabs

April 30, 2017 MJA 21

WND: There may come a day when Austria will ask all women to wear an Islamic headscarf to fight Islamophobia. So says Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen. Speaking before an audience of students, the left-wing former leader of Austria’s Green Party stated, “It is [Read More]


April 29, 2017 MJA 4

NEW YORK (AP) — Parishioners at a New York City chapel that sheltered 9/11 first responders are praying for a miracle to save it from falling victim itself to the prosperity of its resurgent neighborhood. St. Joseph’s Chapel is living on archdiocese subsidies after the [Read More]

Everybody Hates Bret

April 29, 2017 MJA 11

NY Post: NY Times columnist blasted by ‘nasty left’ for climate change piece. A New York Times columnist who was “harangued” for months by “bullying Trump supporters” says he’s now being blasted by the “nasty left” — after he penned a piece about how absurd it [Read More]

Turkey bans dating shows

April 29, 2017 MJA 10

ISTANBUL (AFP) –  Turkey on Saturday fired almost 4,000 public officials and imposed a ban on TV dating shows, in new decrees issued under the state of emergency imposed after last year’s failed coup. The moves were the latest tough action by the authorities following President [Read More]

ESPN firings boost popcorn sales

April 29, 2017 MJA 12

NYP: ESPN firings have led to ugly media fights. It’s a strange time in the sports media world after ESPN fired 100 employees on Wednesday. The massive staff chop spawned strong opinions about who did and did not deserve to remain at the network. Most of those [Read More]

Richard Dreyfuss talks with Tucker Carlson

April 29, 2017 Claudia 35

I just watched this and was gobsmacked. Wow. If you want to watch the best, go to 2:30 and watch from there. If you do, I guarantee that you will go back and watch from the beginning. Watch the video HERE.

Hugh Hewitt In Talks For An MSNBC Nightly Show

April 29, 2017 Dr. Tar 15

  Already a paid contributor, reports are that conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt is in talks with MSNBC for a nightly show on the decidedly liberal outlet. No word on which loony leftist he would be replacing. More

BBQ teaser at Yale ‘hunger’ strike

April 29, 2017 MJA 11

This is a great idea. Same as what the Israelis did when Palestinian inmates went on a hunger strike in prison. Patriot Retort:   Holy BBQ! Someone at Yale has a sense of humor! Yesterday, I wrote about the tag-team Hunger Strike going on at [Read More]

Lockheed To Build 130 F-35s For $1.38 Billion

April 29, 2017 Dr. Tar 22

  A little division and one can estimate that we are paying a little more than $100 million per F-35 Lightening II. This is supposedly a deal, given that production was originally slated to cost $130 million a piece (on an aircraft that was suppose to cost under $50 [Read More]

The Certain Mind Is A Closed Mind

April 29, 2017 Dr. Tar 7

  There is a trap that we see the left fall into time and again, that is when they believe their own data to the point of being incapable of challenging it. While we’ve enjoyed watching their models and statistical structures fail in the face of [Read More]

Play With Fyre Festival, You Get Burned

April 29, 2017 Dr. Tar 22

It was suppose to be a music festival in paradise. For between $1,000 to $12,000 participants were to have luxury accommodations in The Bahamas and watch acts like Blink 182, Major Lazer and other dance and rap acts that appeal to wealthy millennials. What they got was emergency relief tents [Read More]

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