We are all targets

August 24, 2016 MJA 6

AmericanThinker: No one in America can afford to think that _______ won’t happen here.  Because the unthinkable is happening, with no end in sight.  And if Hillary Clinton is elected [Read More]

Does Hillary Own Angie’s List?

August 24, 2016 BFH 10

Angie’s List is a user generated review site. People check it like they used to check the Better Business Bureau. Angie’s List settled a lawsuit when a user claimed horrible reviews [Read More]

“Well, oh yeah?!” Journalism

August 24, 2016 MJA 23

PatriotRetort: I’ve taken to going to CNN’s website every day because I love unintentionally funny stuff. And CNN always delivers the best unintentionally funny stuff on the Internet. It’s more [Read More]

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