CFPB Director Does the Unthinkable; Requests No Money



In what may possibly be a first for our federal government, the head of a federal agency, Mick Mulvaney has submitted a budget request for $0 for the Consumer Financial Protection Board, which is housed under the Federal Reserve (which screens it from congressional oversight).More

In another move that has shaken bureaucratic Washington, D.C. Director Mulvaney has launched a review of the CFPB’s policies and priorities. This step is necessary before implementing sweeping changes within the agency. More 

16 Comments on CFPB Director Does the Unthinkable; Requests No Money

  1. This is that fraud agency that Elizabeth Warren set up that does nothing except rob taxpayers and fine businesses and give it to Democrat non-profits. This agency should be dissolved.

  2. I’m very upset today. I am having a hard time deciding who is my favorite cabinet head or policy advisor.

  3. @Anonymous January 19, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    > I am naïve but what do they do that requires 145 million dollars for a quarter??

    Cloud storage at The Clinton Server Farm.

  4. “…drain the reserve set up to provide funding during emergencies…”

    No way that reserve was used as a slush fund for leftist groups. No way at all.


    Fuck you democrats. Guess you’re gonna have to rely on your crackhead constituency to fund your campaigns now.

  6. DJT needs to get creative here. Add a line item for 20B to handle incidentals….but then take it for the wall.

  7. Don’t phuck with the Mick. Nice to hear English spoken without stuttering, stammering, humming, and hawing. Like, you know?


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