Chicago police say 2017 had a 16% drop in murders

DCNF: The Chicago Police Department touted the decline in murders and shootings in the city for 2017 in its New Year’s Day release on homicide statistics. 

The city saw a nearly 16 percent decline in murders in the city compared to 2016, while overall shootings also dropped, reports CNN.

In 2017, there were 650 homicides while the city experienced 771 homicides in 2016. Shooting incidents and shooting victims also dropped in 2017 compared to the previous year–there were 2,785 shooting incidents and 3,457 shooting victims as compared to 2016’s 3,550 shooting incidents and 4,349 shooting victims.

Despite the declines in homicides and shootings, 2017’s homicide count is still higher than in 2014 and 2015.  more

22 Comments on Chicago police say 2017 had a 16% drop in murders

  1. Wow, ONLY 650 murders in Chicongo.

    I think I’ll pack the wife and grand-kids up and move to the windy city. Said no one.

  2. Here’s how it works: someone in the hood is shot and killed. A file on the sparse facts about the murder is pulled together and placed on a police detective’s desk. Rahm tells the police, “Do not touch that file until the new year. No actual investigation begins until the clock strikes midnight on 2018.”

    The murder “doesn’t count” for 2017, because the body is still unidentified in the morgue and no investigation has been opened. See how that works?

  3. Well hell, after all these years of Chicago being Chicago, maybe they’re just running short of people to shoot in the face?

  4. Why should we believe anything Chicago says? Something says their not including or reclassifying a number of incidents.
    They can’t be running out of victims, they breed like rabbits.

  5. The only difference is that Trump was elected!
    Maybe The President should do a little trolling with these statistics.
    Black unemployment is lower than it has been for 10 years under DJT.
    Fewer idle hands to join gangs, plus more hope in the Black community than there has been since about 6 months into 0bolo’s presidency when they figured out they got screwed again.

  6. I see Rhambo is setting himself up as the “Law and Order” candidate the next time around! Pardon me while I puke.

  7. Be very skeptical. 1. Chicongo has 5 categories of homicides they get away with not counting. 2. Corrupt to the core, Chicongo has other accounting tricks we’re unaware of yet. 3.
    The MSM are all in bed w/Rahm and will only report what Rahm tells them to report. 4. Gentrification, where Obama sons are displaced outside of Chicongo. Chicongo numbers drop while homicide rates increase wherever Obama sons are reintroduced. Worked in Portland and D.C.

  8. The government manipulated unemployment and welfare number in such a way that the real number is hard to find. There are always exceptions and categories left out.

    I wouldn’t trust ANY statistic coming out of corrupt Chicago, and doubly from a Chicago democrat.

  9. Heres a little story from the site “Second City Cop”, link below.

    Homicides Down, but…
    2017 will end down over 100 homicides from last year:

    After the deadliest year in two decades, the first half of 2017 seemed just as grim in Chicago as homicides remained devastatingly high, raising fears that the “spike” in violence had become a new normal for the city.

    Then in the second half of the year, homicides plummeted, particularly in two of the city’s most violence-plagued neighborhoods, contributing to about a 15 percent overall drop in killings over last year.

    That decrease has raised new hopes that Chicago could make progress in shedding its national reputation for gun violence, an image fueled by both President Donald Trump’s frequent mentions and by the distressing loss on Chicago’s streets.

    Let’s see:

    same mayor
    same aldercreatures
    same command staff
    same oversight by the ACLU, COPA, and other bad actors

    The only thing different? Donald Trump in the White House. So a hearty congratulations and “Well Done” to the President of the United States. You didn’t even have to show up in Chicago to cut homicides by over 100 dead bodies.

    Carjackings however, went through the roof:
    scr_north Sorry, can’t get the graph to copy but the the rise is extreme, from about 630 in 2016 to 967 in 2017.


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